Forever, My Love [ON HOLD]

Zoey Roslet just moved to the city of Fame and Fortune, LA. She left it behind. All of her friends and her Foster parents but when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, lives right next door what will she do? Will he try to get her back? Will their love blossom again? Stay tuned for 'Forever, My Love'.


5. Surprise, Surprise.

Zoey's P.O.V.

We have been driving for an hour. All I can see are green pastures that look like waves. The sun is about to set and I'm starting to get a little nervous and started to braid my hair. I guess Justin noticed because he said, "It's alright I'm not gonna do anything weird we are just going to a place. A very special place."


Z: "Okkk."


That just made me even more scared then before. As we pulled to a stop, I got out of the car and waited for Justin. He came around and grabbed my hand. Before I knew it, we where sprinting to a tree. It all was coming back to me. He was trying to recreate our first date. I smiled and giggled a little. We finally got to the enormous tree and there was a picnic set up. He took my hands and said," Do you remember this?"


Z: "Yes, I do and Justin why would go through all this trouble."

J: "Because, I never stopped loving you and I would love to be in your life. I don't care what you say you will always be mine. I love you Zoey, and only you. Please give me another chance."

I got an idea.


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