Forever, My Love [ON HOLD]

Zoey Roslet just moved to the city of Fame and Fortune, LA. She left it behind. All of her friends and her Foster parents but when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, lives right next door what will she do? Will he try to get her back? Will their love blossom again? Stay tuned for 'Forever, My Love'.


1. My New Life

This is me.  ------------->


My name is Zoey Roselett.  I am seventeen years old. I just moved in with my best friend Emily.


We're total opposites but we just click. I met her in the first grade and we have been best friends ever since. I work at Starbucks and she works at Forever 21. We are unsepearable…or so I thought. My ex boyfriend is her cousin and he almost separated us. I'm so glad that I broke up with the bastard before any real damage could be done.


Next Week


[Author Note/ Z=Zoey and E= Emily]

 I had just moved in with Emily. We came all the way out from canada to be out here in la. Although I miss it there are way to many bad memories.

Z= Hello? Em, are you home?

E= Yea Im upstairs *groans*


Emily walked slowly carrying a box down stairs. 


Z= Im gonna walk to the neighbors house and meet them. Im so glad I moved in with you!

E= Ok. But stay away from big mansion at the end of the block. The guy that lives there is nothing but trouble.

Z= Yes, mother.

I giggled. She was always trying to protect me...


I walked up to my room got dressed in this

And headed out. As i walked I saw the huge house. I couldn't resist the urge. It felt like something was pulling me to the house. I dot know it was something about it or the mystery, I guess. I walked up the beautiful white marble steps and rang the doorbell. I was totally and utterly shocked to see who answered. It was...

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