Forever, My Love [ON HOLD]

Zoey Roslet just moved to the city of Fame and Fortune, LA. She left it behind. All of her friends and her Foster parents but when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, lives right next door what will she do? Will he try to get her back? Will their love blossom again? Stay tuned for 'Forever, My Love'.


12. Make up...OR NAWWH

Justin's P.O.V.

Did I really effect these girls in that way. I only did it because Zoey and I were in a fight and I really needed something to take my mind off of her. When I went to the club to go pick up the girl I didn't feel guilty whats so ever. It was when I saw Zoey's tear-stained face. I grew cold. I immediately regretted everything I did. And to make matters worse the prostitue actually thought that we were going out. She screamed at Zoey and Zoey went to her room. I knew what she was doing. I pounded and pounded on the door until it gave way. I ran to Zoey but she pushed me off and ran. Last time I saw her she was already on a plane. It had been to late to get her back. I spent 6 months looking for her. It was like she disappeared off the planet. After the 6 months I gave up and got myself into bad things. I drank, did drugs, and became a man-whore. I tried everything I could to try and get that face out of my mind. I really missed her. I got snapped back to reality when Zoey's hand went infront of my face.


Z:" Did you hear anything I just said?"

J:" No sorry, I was thinking about us."

Z:" Oh, well I just asked you if you could drop me off at 7 Eleven before we go home because I need to get some stuff for Emily. She is really upset."

J:" I know. Lets go then." I said with a frown. I really didn't want to leave Zoey so soon. I just got her back in my arms. I don't want what Emily says to go to her head. I want Zoey and only Zoey. I know Emily. First she will lecture Zoey about how im such a "bad boy" I am. I mean, I guess you could call me that. I was never really a goody goody. Then she would give Zoey examples and make Zoey think about the "what if's" and that is never good. Emily won't stop until she gets what she wants. And right now what she wants is for us to be broken. When we got to 7 Eleven we walked in and Zoey grabbed some ice cream, chick-flicks, and some soda and chips. I had no idea what she was doing but I just went with it. We brought everything up to the regester and I handed the man my card while Zoey was looking for her money. When she finally turned around to pay for her stuff the man had all of our stuff bagged and I had grabbed a bag. 


Z:" JUSTIN!!! I was going to pay for that." She said in with the most adorable poutyface I had ever seen in my life!

J:" Babe, a man's got to do what a man's got to do."


She giggled and took a bag and walked to the car. It took 20 minutes for us to get to her house usually but I really didn't want her to leave so I took the long way around, and by wrong way I mean I took streets that were going in the opposite direction on purpose. I guess Zoey noticed because she kept smiling and laughing every time I turned the wrong way. Eventually we arrived at Zoey's house. I went around the car and opened her door. I then walked her up to her porch and kissed her. I went back to my car and waited for her to go inside. Then I drove away.


Zoey's P.O.V.


He kissed me and waited in the car for me to go inside. What a gentleman. I took my keys out of my bag and opened the door. Emily was sitting on the couch watching tv. I walked up to her and she didn't even acknowledge me. I really messed up this time. 


Z:" Em, please talk to me. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. I know that he is trouble but I didn't know that  that was his house."

E:" What do you mean? *gasp* Did you go to the house when I specificly told you NOT TO!"
Z:"Um, yeah sort of. When I was walking around I saw the house and could not stay away. I'm sorry Em. Please believe me that when I first saw him I tried to run away. I mean he caught up to me and we made the deal. I didn't know what I was thinking. Let me make it up to you. Please."


Z:" EMILY! I still have feelings for him. What was i supposed to do. I tried the obvious actions, but my love for him took over me. Ok! Let me just make it up to you!"

E:" Ok. You get one shot. What do you got to try to make it up to me."


I smiled and dug into the 7 Eleven bag and placed all the things I got on the table. They where all of her favorite things:


There was popcorn, Reese's Pieces, Whopper Balls, and Soda. The perfect combo for Emily. I then pulled out the movies. 

"Legally Blonde"

"The Notebook"

"The Hot Chick"


Emily Smiled at me and gave me a hug. Well that was easier than expected! I turned off the lights and started the movies. After all the movies were done I went up to my room threw on some pajamas and went to sleep.

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