Magic In Hogwarts

When Elsa goes to Hogwarts, nothing is what is looks like. Nothing at all.


4. The Weasleys

"But Hagrid where should I go now, I have no place where I can stay." I agreed.
"That's all taken care of Elsa, you are to stay with the Weasleys." He replied.

"The who?"

"The Weasleys are a wizarding family who have offered for you to stay with later."

We arrived at a rather special looking house with a large yard. At the door, pots and pans were scattered over the place. I stumbled, but Hagrid caught me at the last moment. Inside it was chaotic but at the same time it was also something of structure. It was immediately a woman with red hair walked on.

"Hi, I'm Molly." She said. "So this is the girl you would bring Hagrid?"

"Yes, this is Elsa Princess of Arandelle."

"Hi. Okay, come with me I'll take you to your room. You'll sleep with my daughter Ginny in her room, otherwise I do not have enough space." She explained.

"Okay." Isaid.

When we arrived at Ginny's room we were met by a 10-year-old red-haired girl.

"Hi, In Ginny." She said.

"Hi I'm Elsa." I introduced myself.

"Oh you must be the girl that is sleeping with me in my room."

"Yes, I am."

"That's your bed over there." She said, pointing to the bed next to the window.

"Okay thank you."

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" I asked.

LYes I have six brothers you?" Was Ginnys answer. 

"I have a sister, she's called Anna." Ireplied.

"Okay that's probably a lot quieter than here."

I laughed quietly. "I didn't notice much else really like the crowds."

"No that's right my brothers are now at work except Ron, Percy Fred and George, they are probably in their room.

"Aaah, I get it."

"I'm glad about it must of the time, but I do miss Bill and Charlie."

Ginny and I talked for a while until Mrs. Weasley called us for dinner. As I walked down the whole family was already at the table, all with red hair. They ask looked at me curiously until Molly broke the silence by asking if anyone wanted potatoes, then went all the attention back to the food.

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