Magic In Hogwarts

When Elsa goes to Hogwarts, nothing is what is looks like. Nothing at all.


10. the sorting

when we got off the train we were called by a great man who I knew very well. 
hello hagrid I call and he looks around to find the voice that called him when he saw me, he waved his hands as big as dustbin lids, and he called first year here! 4 per boat! no more than 4 pes boot! Harry and I walk into a boat with Ron and a girl with blue hair and blue eyes. We stepped in and introduced ourselves and it turned out that the girl with the blue hair Rachel hot, we were good right from the start Afaan frienden. waaren we talking about which house we get when we saw the castle a large castle, which looked very out but still very modern and beautiful 

We come in and have to wait for the two large doors of the main hall. I rachel harry and ron standing together talking when a boy came running with almost white blond hair. He started talking to Harry as if there we have the famous Harry Potter here is now talking to scum and blood traitors. I can help you metr choosing good and bad friends, said the boy, and he holds out his hand to Harry. but Harry refuses and says I can bepaalen who my friends are and who is not. The boy pulled his hand erug offended and walked away

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