Magic In Hogwarts

When Elsa goes to Hogwarts, nothing is what is looks like. Nothing at all.


9. hogwarts expres part 2

I still looked at Ron to Harry when Harry began,

well look it appears that I'm known in the wizarding world ass famous.

Why? I ask struggling to understand it.

when I was a year old, came before a wizard known as Lord voldemoord to the house of my parents and me. when he got there, he entered the house and killed both my parents, then he tried to murder me. but for some reason he could not.I could not believe what I heard! He simply had no parents!

uuuuuhm said ron and then suddenly I was yanked out of my mind.

it was very nice to meet you but I have to get going again. okey ron I say, and he walks away.

it remained silent for a long time in the coupe. and after awhile I decided to break the silence,

maybe we should go get changed, we can be there each momend. He replies yes, and we put on our outfits. It was already dark when the train came to a stop and I and Harry walked into a stream of people outside.


here it is!!!! your new chapter I hope you like reading it 

lot of love xxxx

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