Magic In Hogwarts

When Elsa goes to Hogwarts, nothing is what is looks like. Nothing at all.


2. Diagon Alley

We went to Diagon Alley after I had said goodbye to my parents and Anna, and it was the most amazing place I had ever seen, with huge buildings end an amazing big structure made out of white marble.

"What's that building?" I asked excitedly, pointing to it.

"That's Gringotts" said Hagrid. "It's the bank for wizards."

"Hagrid? I said cautiously. 


"Do- do I have any money?" I asked

"Yes, as a matter of fact you do, even more than you think."

So we entered the bank, me bouncing and humming excitedly. Inside it was even prettier than the exterior had hinted at , except from the creatures who need to help us. Their faces were twisted and gnarled.We got my money from my vault after a creatures-whom Hagrid told me was a goblin- led me down in a huge cart. It was like a roller coaster and I had wanted to go again, but Hagrid refused to, as he claimed to be feeling sick. He did look a bit green actually.

We went to get the books from Flourish and Blotts, then we got my robes from Madam Malkins.

Finally, we got my wand at Ollivanders. Mr Ollivander was an old looking man with white hair which peaks out to baldness. When I entered the shabby-looking shop he appeared immediately at me.

"Hello!" He said excitably.

"Hi, I came to get a wand." I said nervously.

"Of course you did." He said shaking his head. "Okay, let me see what I've got here. Aaah this looks good. 7.5 inches with a core of phoenix feather."

I grabbed it and waved the wand about. The lamp on Mr Ollivander's desk exploded and after that the wand seemed to freeze in my hands. I dropped it and it fell on the ground with a clatter.

"Aaaah, you have freezing powers I see. I think I know what to do."

He handed me only a unicorns tail hair when I grasped it it turned directly into a wand.

"Aah so here you have your wand." He said, breaking. "Use it well."

When I walked out the store Hagrid was standing outside with a white owl.

"Hagrid whats that?" I asked curiously.

"Your new owl."

"Did you buy me an owl?" I asked excitedly. "Oh my god thank you so much."

We headed off to get the rest of my stuff in the long alley, my bouncing the whole way into every shop. 

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