High school life (1D)

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6. understanding.

*Monday*~{Niall's pov}

I cried the whole Saturday and Sunday. I haven't eaten anything which is actually kinda shocking since I eat a lot!

I changed into a white polo shirt, which has actually turned baggy for some unknown reason, a pair of blue khaki shorts that sags now, and my white supras.

I left my hair as it is and popped on a hoodie. I wasn't feeling hungry, so I just grabbed a handful of peanuts and stuffed it in my mouth.

"Sweetheart, don't you want any toast with Nutella spread across and some bacon on the side?" My mom looked at me with concerned eyes.

"No, I'm not that hungry mom. But thanks for the offer." I smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek.

I quickly picked up my backpack and headed out the front door, waiting for summer.

I wanted to walk to school but summer offered to drive me. And whenever Summer does her puppy dog face, you're bound to end up in defeat.

After 10 minutes she arrived. She got out the car, which revealed her pretty, floral dress and her white wedges. "Hey Ni!" She smiled as she Engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug .... Literally.

I gasped for air once she finally let go! "Hey Sum!" I smiled.

"C'mon let's go, we're already 5minutes late." She chuckled.

Since summer, Avalon, Roxie, Tamica and Lauren are one of the populars they always get off the hook. They don't even get a single warning!

"Sure!" I smiled. I hopped in the back as she hopped in the front. I soon noticed that I wasn't the only one in the car.

"Oh, uh, sorry Niall. Hazza asked me earlier, and, well, I kinda said, uh, yes." She chuckled nervously.

I sighed,"it's fine Sum." And quietly slumped down in my seat. The car ride was longer than I thought! I instantly became bored from all the awkwardness in the car and decided just to play around on my phone, while Summer and Harry make their own convo.

Might as well eavesdrop.

"So hazza, today's the big day right!" Summer cheered while Harry nodded immediately.

"Yup! Oh, god I'm so nervous." He laughed.

Nervous? What could he be so nervous about? His probably thinking of proposing to Louis. I scoffed.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll say yes!" She grinned.

Woah, wait, SHE?

"Um, if you don't mind me askin'... But what's Harry so nervous about and why are you so sure she'll say yes?" I asked which made Harry chuckle.

"Niall, Harry had a crush on Avalon for a while now, and his thinking of asking her out. Isn't that great!" She smiled.

"Yea, it is! I'm happy for you Hazza!" I grinned.

"And Niall, I hope you'll understand, and not get mad, but I have to tell you something." She smiled nervously.

"Of coarse I'll understand, but it depends on what you're going to tell me that might make me mad, but anyway, go and tell away!" I chuckled.

She took a deep breath before her lips parted,"um, L-Louis asked me o-out." And when it did, I regretted it so bad.

I'm happy that Louis asked her out, she's a nice, sweet girl and Louis a fantastic mate! They would make a cute couple, but on the other hand, I WANNA SLAP THAT SILLY BITCH SO HARD AND THROW LOUIS INTO A HUGE PLASTIC BAG AND TAKE HIM WITH ME TO HAWAAII, RENT A HUGE HOUSE WITH A BASEMENT AND LOCK HIM IN THERE FOREVER.

But I'm mostly happy for her.

"Ni? Are you ok?" Just now I realize that the car isn't moving. And Summers looking at me with concerned, worried eyes.

"Y-yeah I am. And I'm happy for you Summer, I understand." Her smile widened after she took a huge breath of relief.

"That's fantastic! Oh, and Niall you can finally ask out Tamica!" She cheered and sooner or later Harry joined in cheering.

"I would, but I don't want to. I'm not sure if I'm ready?" She rolled her eyes while Harry scoffed.

"Mate, I'm pretty sure you're ready! Why don't us three, go on a triple date!" He shrieked which made me roll my eyes and Summer laugh.

"That would be GREAT!!" Summer squealed.

"Um, do I have a say in this?!" They both yelled 'No' at me and continued their convo.

I rolled my eyes and slumped back down in my seat, that's until I realized something.

"Guys, we're still not moving." Once I heard the engine roar to life, I sighed in relief and continued to play on my phone.

But, my mind seemed to zone somewhere else...



Sorry for the long update, and I'm sorry if this chapters crap...again. I just feel as if this story's boring. I've read through it and I don't feel anything.

Oh well, I'm gonna need some help on the next chapter if so. But till then I hope you enjoyed this chapter.:)


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