High school life (1D)

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3. nicknames

Lauren's Pov :

I woke up extra early today to run a few errands ... Don't judge me ! Being captain of 4 different sports isn't easy ...

Once I arrived back home I had a quick shower and changed into a pair of black mini shorts , a jumper that's grey and says 'weirdo' in big black bold letters and a pair of black heals.

Once my outfit was done I headed towards my make up zone.

My make up zone is just a room full of make up stations and hair stations , it's like a mini salon.

I placed black mascara and eyeliner along with a smokey eye and added a touch of peachy lip gloss.

I then moved onto my hair , I grabbed a elastic band out and put my rosy pink hair in a messy bun.

"Perfect." I checked the time and saw I had a few minutes to spare.

So with my extra time I decided to text jake;)


Tamica's pov

I woke up at exactly 15 minutes before school.

It's not really my fault that I'm a heavy sleeper ...

I had a 1 minute shower(which was impossible) and quickly popped on a pink mini skirt with white pumps and a creamy color jumper that was fluffy.

I decided to leave my hair as natural as it is and left my face undone. With only 10 minutes to spare I decided to head to school since it is a 5 minute drive.


Roxie pov :

I woke up and saw that I over slept by an hour ... Oh well , I'm already late ! Might as well bunk.

So since I'm already late , I'm going back to bed.

Night !


Summers pov :

I woke up with an hour to spare. I had a nice long shower and changed into a black pair of skinny jeans , combat boots , camo jumper and a beanie.

I did my hair in a plat and left my face undone.

I only had 20 minutes left so I phoned Bryan to see if he wants to hang at Starbucks .

When he finally agreed , I drove myself to the nearest Starbucks.


Avalon pov :

I woke up at 6:00 and had a 2 minute shower. I changed into a pair of blue skinny jeans , white converse , a plain white t's shirt and a hoodie.

I decided to do my hair in a pony and leave my face undone.

I checked the time and saw its 6:15. I had a lot of time to spare , so I decided to go to school early and head to the library.



Lauren's pov :

"Hey guys !" I chirped.

"Hey !" They co-ed.

"So are you guys still coming to my place after school ?" I asked the boys.

"Yea , obviously. What time must we be there ?" Harry asked.

"Um , I said after school ... Which means straight after school .... As soon as the last bell rings ?" I chuckled.

"Haha , my bad. Hay , are you guys considered popular at this school ?" We nodded our heads.

"Yea , Why ?" I asked.

"It's just that , people have been giving you dirty looks since we got here and they seem to kiss up a lot !" I chuckled.

"Well duh ! And since you guys are part of this group , you're considered popular as well." They all cheered.

"hay Lauren ! Where's Avalon , Summer and Roxie ?" Niall asked.

"Oh , well Summer is probably with Bryan-"

"W-who's Bryan ?" Liam and Louis said in sync.

"His the captain of the football team , also known as her boyfriend. They've been dating for a year now." They both nodded and looked down.

"Louis , Liam ... Are you guys ok ?" I asked.

"Yea , just carry on." Louis said.

"Anyway , Roxie probably woke up late as usual and went back to sleep."

"So she bunked ?" Zayn asked.

I nodded"yup".

"And as for Avalon ... I think she's in the library."

"Library ?" Harry asked.

"Yup , she hangs there sometimes." I stated.

"And where is the library , exactly?" Harry asked.

"It's just down the hall , you first take two lefts then a right ... And then a left again." He thanked me and left.

"Anyway ! Let's eat !" I cheered.

I looked down at my lunch tray and saw someone ate my cupcake.

"Hay ! Who ate my cupcake-"

"Niall !" Everybody yelled and pointed towards a blond boy with a chocolate cupcake shoved in his mouth.

I chuckled.

Avalons pov :

I decided to eat my lunch in the library today , don't get me wrong I love being with the girls , it's just ... I don't feel comfortable around them that much and now there's boys in the group ... I feel more uncomfortable.

I sat down at table 6 and read 'I'm only me when I'm with you' while eating my lunch. Right now I'm on page 116 and chapter 23.

"Hey , is this seat taken ?" A rather deep husky voice asked.

I looked up and saw a pair of emerald eyes looking straight into my boring brown ones.

"No , not at all. You're Harry right ?" I asked. He grabbed a seat and sat down.

"Yes , and you're Avalon right ?" I chuckled.

"Yup !" I said while popping the p

"So what are you doing here ?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious ? I came looking for you after Lauren told me where you were." I blushed.

"Anyway , are you gonna join us today at Lauren's house ? I heard its huge !" He gave me a toothy grin.

"Yea , of coarse I am." I grinned.

"So , do you wanna head out of this library and go sit with everyone else or do you wanna stay here ?" He asked.

"Actually ..." I hesitated

"Ok , let's go." I put on a fake smile.

"Are you sure ? We could always just stay here-"

"No , no I'm sure. Let's go." He smiled.

This is gonna be a long day ...

*At the end of the day*

"Liam , are you ok ? You seem pretty quiet than usual." I asked.

"It's just ... It's nothing."

"Are you sure , you know you can tell me-" we were walking down the passages after our last class finished.

But sadly I got interrupted by-

"Hey ! You're Liam right ?" Cindy ... She twirled her hair around her index finger all slutty like.

It Made me sick.

"Yea ... And you are ?" She chuckled.

"I'm Cindy. It's .." She eyed him up and down which made me tense up.

"A pleasure to meet you .. And believe me the pleasure is all mine." Gag . She winked at him and by the look on Liam's face , I could tell he didn't like it.

"Oh , hi Cindy ! You do still remember me right !" I stated

"How could I not , you're the tramp everyone talks about" she smiled.

"At least I'm not a slut." I clinked onto Liam's arm getting ready to pull him away.

"Oh and btw Cindy , Liam's not interested .. So I kindly suggest that you back the hell off." I smiled while receiving a chuckle from Liam.

Once me and Liam were out of her sight we both burst out laughing.

"Liam , I suggest you stay away from her. She's bad news."

"How ?" He asked.

"She slept with 6 guys and 2 teachers in a year ... She doesn't care about love all she cares about is wanting to make love." He nodded his head.

"Anyway , let's go !" I ran pulling him along until He stopped which made me fall on my butt.

"Go where ?" Oh gee , thanks for askin' if I was ok.

"To my house remember ? The rest are meeting us there." He nodded while I helped myself up.

"Oh , and Liam ."

"Yeah !" I punched him

"Ow , what was that for ?" He winced while rubbing the newly formed bruise.

"For making me fall on my butt and not askin' if I was ok." He smirked.

"I'm sorry Lorry." He stated in a baby tone.

"Lorry ... Seriously ?" I chuckled while he grinned.

"Yup ! It suits you." I smirked.

"Well thanks Lee-Yum !!" I stated in a baby tone.

He cocked an eyebrow "Lee-yum ? Seriously ?" I chuckled.

"What , it suits you." I smirked.

"Touché ..." He squinted his eyes at me.

"Tóuch ..." I did the same.


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