High school life (1D)

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2. get together.

Recap : "Why don't you look for yourself." I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion as she pointed towards three hot boys standing near Sir's desk.

"Oh .. My .. God !"


"I know right ! Their so hot" Roxie squeaked.

Me and Roxie just stood still staring at these three goddesses ... That's until we got interrupted.

"Ms.Evans and Ms.Richards ... Can you please take a seat." Me and Rox quickly made our way towards our usual table which would be in the middle near the window.

"Alright , Good Morning Class !" Everyone groaned in response as some people just said nothing.

"Anywho , today we have some new students who come from England. So I kindly suggest you treat them as you'd treat you're friends."

Everyone nodded.

"Ok , so boys. You may introduce yourselves." Mr.Folk walked away from the desk and stood near Cindy's desk.

If you're wondering who Cindy is ... She's a slut.I heard that she slept with 6 guys and 2 teachers in a year. I have a feeling she slept with Mr.Folk ... Ew.

I don't know who would find is bald head and that wrinkled face cute.

Anyway , a tall boy with a buzz-cut stepped forward.

"Hello ! The names Liam Payne and I'm really happy to be attending WestVille High." Everybody clapped their hands and as for Rox ... I saw her practically drooling for Liam.

Another guy stepped up , but this one had a black up-do.

"Hi , I'm Zayn and it's a pleasure to be here and meet you guys." Again everyone gave him an applause . As for I just sat down and groaned.

I just hope there isn't any more of these guys or else me and my girls will shrink down to one of the second popular people at WestVille high.

"Hello , I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm really happy to be here. I hope to be treated as every single one of you." Me and Roxie giggled a bit but stopped as soon as Mr.Folk glared at us.

"Thank you boys ! Now , I'm going to assign you guys to two girls I know who knows the school so well so they can show you everything and everyone." I flipped my rosy pink hair back and held my hair high.

"Ms.Evans and Ms.Richards. !" Me and Roxie both stood up with pride and joy while receiving claps from everyone and a few whistles here and there from the jocks.

"Ok , so boys take a seat so we can get started on our lesson." Me and Rox sat back down while the boys did the same.


Summers pov :

"Good morning class !" Everyone groaned a 'goodmorning'.

"Today we have new students who come from England."

"Hello , I'm Harry Styles and im really excited to be working with all of you and learn great things." Everyone gave Harry a standing ovation.

"Hello , I'm Niall Horan. And as you can see I'm Irish not British but I did come from England with Harry and my other mates." Every one gave him a standing ovation as well.

"Fabulous boys ! Now , I'm gonna assign you two with three girls I know who'll show you around and will teach you everything this amazing school as to offer."

I was doodling 'Bryan' in my notebook until I felt a tap on my elbow.

"Do you think it will be us ?" Ave whispered to me.

Ok , Avalon is still new to this whole thing , she still needs to know that we get everything and anything. We practically own the school ... Well , Lauren's Aunt does.

"Of coarse , how could we not ?" I grinned.

"Ms.Smart , Ms.Winter and Ms.Everheart ! You three girls will be showing these lads around school with you're group." Me and the girls grinned our tits off till ma'am told us to take our seats.

I swear I saw that Niall kid eye Tamica ...

I've got some business to attend.


*In the cafeteria*

"And this is the cafeteria" I announced to the boys.

"This place is massive." Louis stated in awe.

"I know right ! Hay where's the-FOOD !!" Niall ran off in the direction where food was coming from.

"NIALL !! Ugh great , be right back guys." Zayn ran off towards Niall's direction.

Me , the boys and girls sat down at our table.

"Ok , so let me introduce ourselves." They all nodded and said 'ok'

"I'm Summer Smart , Captain of the baseball team." Louis' eyes widened.

"Really ?!?" I nodded .

"Yup." I chuckled.

"This is Tamica Everheart , she's the captain of the Soccer team." I stated as Louis started applauding her while receiving some stares from other tables.

"Sorry , I just loovvee soccer !!" Louis started fan girlin' , well fan boyin'

I chuckled.

"Ok , this is Roxie Richards . She's the Captain on the cheerleading team."

"Ooh , you go girl !" Louis stated in a high pitched girly accent.

"This is Lauren Evans. She's the captain of the cricket , swimming , tennis , squash and badminton team." Louis , Harry and Liam gaped their mouths open while me and the girls chuckled.

"And last but not least , this is Avalon Winter. She's the captain of ...." I trailed off.

"Gymnastics." Avalon chirped.

"Thanks ave." I said.

"Well , it's nice to meet you guys. And I hope we're gonna be great friends." Liam stated.

"Of coarse Liam ! In fact , why don't you guys come over to Lauren's house. We can all have a get together in her basement tomorrow after school , it's so huge ! It's like a mini lounge , but she likes to call it 'the chill zone.'

I chuckled.

"Sure !" Harry chirped.


"There goes the bell , can you guys tell Zayn and Niall !"

"Sure , I don't really know what took Niall so long though ? But we can find out tomorrow. Bye ."

"Bye !"

We all exchanged hugs and 'byes' and went off to our classes.

Turns out I have all my classes with Liam ! And two with Louis.


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