High school life (1D)

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4. confessions.

Lauren's pov :

"LOUISSSS !!! GET YOURE FAT ASS OFF MEEE !!!!" I yelled in pain while the young lad just laughs his fat ass off.

"Lou , I think you should lay off the carrots." Zayn chuckled.

Once I caught my breath I sat back down on my bean bag.

"Carrots ?" I asked.

"Yea , Louis has a 'thing' with carrots." Harry chuckled.

"That makes so much sense." I smirked while Lou slapped me on the arm.

I chuckled ."hay guys ! Let's play Truth or dare ?"I suggested.

They all replied with a 'sure' or 'why not'. We all sat in a big circle.

"Ooh !! Can I go first!!" Louis chirped.

"Sure , Lou." I chuckled.

"Ok , I pick ..." He trailed off while eyeing each and everyone of us suspiciously.

"Roxie!!" He cheered while she just gasped with shock and horridness.

Louis rubbed his hands together up and down while smirking evilly.

"Roxie ... Truth or Dare." He smirked while Rox had her 'thinking face' on. Her thinking face looks kinda like a mentally , disturbed constipated face.

"Roxie , I said Truth or Dare , I didn't ask for you're ... Constipated face?" He chuckled while she just glared at him.

"Ok , I pick Truth-"

"Ugh !! BOO , YOURE SUCH A PARTY POOPER !!" Niall cheered. While stuffing his face full of popcorn.

I giggled at the blond boys immaturity.

"Anyway ... First question !! Have you EVER kissed anyone ?" Everyone 'oohed' and 'ahed'

"Y-yes ... M-maybe ... No." She chuckled nervously while scratching the back of her neck.

"I can change that !" Lou got up and crawled sexily over to Roxie and kissed her!

Woah back up ! He kissed her ?

Everybody cheered while me and Liam looked gob smacked !

"Ok , next question ! Who do you like ?" Lou smirked at a red faced Roxie.

"N-no one."she stuttered.

"Roxie ... Are you lying ?" Lou smirked.

"N-no." She lyed.

"Cause you don't wanna know what I do to liars." Suddenly the real , confident , bitchy Roxie was back.

"But what if I do ? Then what are you gonna do about it fat ass ?" She smirked while all of us chuckled.

"Well , since everyone loves me at school. I will tell them that me and Roxie Richards had sex , and she loved it ! I will also tell them that you'd beg for more from me and you'd always scream my name whenever you were about to cum." He smirked at a shocked Roxie.

"Oh , and I'd spread a rumor about the sex we had and make it very .. Descriptive." Everyone's eyes widen except for the boys , they were probably use to it.

"Liam..." She whispered.

"What ?" Lou asked.

"Liam." She raised her voice but still not loud enough to hear.

"Still can't hear you." He sang.

"LIAM !! I LIKE LIAM OK , ARE YOU HAPPY NOW YOU FUCKING FUCKED UP FUCKER !!!" She yelled to the top of her lungs which made her face turn crimson red.

She took a quick glimpse of Liam and began tearing up and ran to the bathroom. I guess it's time for Lauren to save the day.

"Lou , it's fine. Let me go talk to her." He didn't reply but he looked extremely gob smacked.

Liam's pov

S-she likes me ? I-I can't believe she likes me ? T-this is too much for me , I think I'll just go home.

"Liam , are you ok mate ?" The curly haired boy asked me.

"Liam?" Niall asked.

"Y-yeah , I'm fine ... I-I'm just gonna head home." After their quick glances with eachother I quickly got up and scurried off shrugging off all their calls for me.

Louis' pov

"Guys ... I think I really did it this time." I panicked.

"Not only does Roxie hate me , but so does Liam !!" I shrieked.

"Lou , sure , Rox might hate you but why do you think Liam does ?" Niall asked me as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You guys should know Liam by now , he doesn't like disrespect and insults happening along with some other junk." I buried my face in the crook of Niall's neck as I took in his scent.

"Aww , it's ok lou." He stroked my hair in sync.

"Everything will be alright." He whispered and kissed the top of my forehead.


A/N awww nouis moment;) sorry for the crappy chapter. I kinda just rushed this one.

Do you guys think that nouis should become gay or do you think they should fall for one of the girls ?

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