High school life (1D)

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7. Avoiding.

Niall's pov:

Once we arrived at school, which was 20 minutes later, I quickly scurried off to class while leaving Summer and Harry behind me, calling my name.

I shrugged them off and quickly grabbed my 'late slip' from the reception desk.

I checked the time and noticed that I've already missed 3 classes! And the next class I have is with....

Liam. Whew!

I thought I was going to panic!

Once I entered the familiar hallways, the bell started to ring, which made all the students rushing out from their class rooms.

"Hey Ni!" I felt a hand rest on my shoulder which made me jump abit.

Whew! It was just Liam!

"Are you ok Niall? You seem abit..off today." He grinned while eyeing me.

"Oh,um.." I trailed off.

Come on Niall ! You can do this ! Just think of a lie...




"Niall ?" Liam put me out of my thoughts.

"I, um, you know, um, having though's days?" Shit! That came out more of a question.

"Niall, you're a really bad lyer, so tell me what's up, and why you were late aswell."my face immediately fell, obviously I can't lie to Liam. His my best mate.

"It's just,um, well, I still kinda have feelings for Lou, and it turns out he asked Summer out and Harry's gonna ask Avalon out and Harry and Summer are trying to convince me to ask Tamica out !"I groaned, realizing what I just said.

"So? Ni, that's great!" He cheered, making me sigh.

"No it's not ! Weren't you listening Liam ?! Nothing's great here !" I clenched my fists and grazed my teeth against eachother.

"Ni, calm down. I thought you were over Louis ?" After hearing that, I slammed my fist against a random locker, which caught everyone's attention in the hall way to me.

Great! Just what I needed ...

I looked down, not even daring myself to look in Liam's eyes,"I'm gonna take a breather." I mumbled, before storming off.

~~~~~~~~Liam's pov~~~~~~~~

I stood there, frozen. I don't know what I've just done! Of coarse I heard everything he just said, I was too busy thinking about Roxy and my sexuality.

Niall is a very sensitive person, and who knows what he'll do after his 'performance' that took place just a matter of seconds ago.

"Hiya mate !" A feminine, male voice interrupted me from my thoughts.

I sighed before tearing my eyes away from Niall's direction,"hey Lou." I said in barely a whisper.

"What's wrong mate, cats got ya tongue !" He joked while chuckling afterwards.

I sighed once more,"Did you seriously have to ask Summer out ?" He suddenly grew silent while staring at his feet.

"Where did you hear that ?" He squeaked.

"A friend told me, and that FRIEND is really upset Louis ! And you should know that our FRIEND is extremely sensitive ! And thanks to you he might never talk to us again !" Were the last words I said before walking off towards the opposite direction of Niall's.


Niall's pov.

After my 'convo' with Liam I decided to head over to science 5 minutes early.

I greeted my teacher and took my seat, at the back in the corner. I simply took out a reading book and started reading, while completely taking no notice of my surroundings.

Before I knew it, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I quickly licked the tip of my thumb and bent the corner of my page slightly, before closing my book.

I sighed while packing my book in my bag, before looking up.

I looked up at the person next to me and my eyes immediately widened.

"Louis?" I whispered.

"Yeah?" He grinned.

"What are you doing here ?"

"I take this class silly !" He chuckled at my remark.

"You do ?" I asked, I can't believe I barely noticed him ! Since when did he take science ? I thought he hated it?

I guess I thought wrong...

"Yup ! Oh and it turns out we have a project coming up and it involves 2 people. So, I guess we're partners..." He smiled, making me get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Um, it's fine. I can do it by myself, you can do whatever you want to do." I thanked The Lord once the bell rang, I quickly grabbed my books and practically ran out the classroom before Louis could reply.

I can't take this anymore ! I can't just leave my heart to be broken multiples of times-

"Dude, watch where you're going !" I didn't even realize that my books are scattered across the floor along with my butt.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't see where I was going." I quickly picked up my books, and boosted my self up.

"Dude, it's chilled." I was staring into a pair of grayish eyes.

"Hay, aren't you Niall ?" The dude eyed me suspiciously.


"I'm Brian, captain of the football team, I heard you're quite the football player. Am I right ?" I nodded.

"Yeah, I do play football here and there. I was in the A Team and I did win state but, I'm probably not as good as you." He grinned.

"I like you Horan, Come and sit with us at lunch. We still have a lot to discuss." I thought about it, but I couldn't ditch my friends, could I ?

"NIALL !!" I turned around and saw Louis and Harry calling my name.

I guess, it won't hurt if I hang out with Brian and his friends.

"Horan, you're more than welcome to bring you're friends?" I immediately shook my head.

"N-no, it's fine. And..." I took a quick glimpse at Louis' who's smiling at me and sent me a quick wave.

"They aren't my friends." He smiled at me, which made me look down.

"Cool. I guess we're friends then !" He cheered.

"I guess we are..."

"C'mon ! I want to introduce you to my buds !" I nodded , and off we went to the cafeteria.

But before I did move, I took a quick glance at Louis' and saw his facial expression.

It made me want to kill myself..in this very spot.


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