My whole wold was flipped upside down in a flash. I didn't know what do, my dad moved away and forgot about me, I had to move school and I blamed my mum for all of it. I was at the lowest of the low. I turned into one of then Girls your parents told you to stay away from...

An angel saved me and he is the best thing that's ever happened to me.


2. the change

I had only been at my school for a week but already everyone knew who I was. And not for any good things. I still remember when I saw him. By him I don't mean my angle, he was the complete opposite.


"Oh look who's coming over here!" I hear Leah say loudly as she always does.

"Luke!" All the girls shouted at the same time. I stayed behind them and tried to catch a glimpse of Luke.

He was taller than me, he had a long blonde quiff. He had the sexiest lip piercing. He was two years older than me. It was easy to tell.

After I had only been seeing him for a week. You could see I tried to change to impress him. My skirt was shorter, I wore more make up. And it was all for this boy.This boy, the boy that fucked up my life. And I let him, I was even encouraging him to fuck it up even more.

One lunch when me a Leah came from science, we went to the spot out side where we always stand. No one was there, I could see in Leah's face that she knew were they where. Leah didn't talk she just walked. I followed her. At that point I thought it was the right thing to do. If I had to make the decision now I would walk away and never look back.

I followed her to the back of 'scout hut' and there they where. all my friends and my boy friend. Smoking, as I walk towards them the huge cloud of smoke it hit me like a tun of bricks. I tried to stop my self from coughing in to horrible smell I never really got used to.

The small part of me that was still a goody goody privet school girl. Told me to just walk away but that would have made my mum happy and I really didn't want that.


Hi!, second chapter. My chapters are really short sorry. I don't really know how long they should be,

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