My whole wold was flipped upside down in a flash. I didn't know what do, my dad moved away and forgot about me, I had to move school and I blamed my mum for all of it. I was at the lowest of the low. I turned into one of then Girls your parents told you to stay away from...

An angel saved me and he is the best thing that's ever happened to me.


1. me

"Come on Lola we need to go!" I hear my beautiful angle call with his gorgeous soft voice. I've called him angle since I can remember, he saved me. That's what angles do...

Hi I'm Lola. Just 2 years ago I was this goody goody who wouldn't dare do anything wrong. Now?... Well it's a complete different story.

It all changed the minuet my mum and dad split up and I had to move from my privet school to my local one. My privet school was only girls and I had been there for 11 years at that point.

I blamed my mum for everything. The deforce, me having to move schools, everything. So I basically started being one of the girls she told me to stay away from. I stopped respecting her, I stop putting in effort in school. I just did anything that would piss her off. Most of it I'm really ashamed of, and now there's nothing I can do about it. I have a bad reputation...

My dad didn't care he moved away and went to live with his new family. I was replaced and he didn't even care about me anymore. I used to love my dad, he was always there for me. No mater what, he was my rock. And in a moment it was all taken away.


On my first day of school I could see everyone judging me. I was the only new person since I had to come in the middle of the year. I walked into the classroom for registration. I went to sit at the back of the room but I heard a voice shout "oi new girl come sit here." I looked where the sound came from and pointed at myself and asked "me?"

The girl shouted "yeah stupid!"

I walked over to the table the girl was on with 6 other people. She pulled out a chair and told me to sit down. I thought she was being bossy but at this point I wasn't in any position to turn down a friend.

She told me her name was Georgia and introduced me to the other people on the table. I expected the people on the table while they chatted on. None of them seemed to be in the right uniform, as I was for at least today.

My first lesson was history with Georgia, as where most my lessons. As we walked into the classroom. I could see people looking at me with the same attitude as earlier that morning. Georgia shouted "oi what you looking at?. Yeah she's new. Problem?" Everyone just turned around towards there friends.

Already I could tell Georgia was one of the girls my mum told me to stay away from. A girl that only has respect for a few people and if you weren't one of them you should stay away from her. I knew I was going to turn out like her and I didn't have a problem with it. But I never thought I would turn out worst...


First small part hope you like it. It will get more interesting x

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