Being Brave

This is a fanfiction of Divergent and Percy Jackson. Nico is having trouble liking girls, and Leo and Four are helping out. Nico is having a love triangle between Leo and Four, Tris has been noticing. She talks to Nico, and Nico makes a decision


1. Giving Advice

                                                             Nico's P.O.V


         Tobias and Leo looked at me with shock. Leo laughed, "You're joking!"

         Tobias elbowed Leo. "No, he's not. Nico, it's ok! Guys grow up, and we all have troubles with girls!"

         Leo stopped laughing, and put his arm around my shoulders. "Tobias is right. The mystery of the creatures called woman, it's hard to catch them.

        I glared at Leo. "If you really want to keep that arm, then I'd suggest you move it away from my body."

        Leo laughed nervously and moved his arm. "Sorry dude..."

        "Nico," Tobias said. "We'll talk in the morning."

        Tobias and Leo left. I groaned in my pillow. "I can't believe only reason I want help is because I'm gay, but no one can know about it! Everyone will make fun of me!" Looking in the mirror at myself was the worst thing I could've done, so I just punched the mirror. My hand started to bleed from the broken shards of glass. It was painful, but my heart was in the most of pain.

         "Nico," Tris's voice called from behind the door. "Can I come in?

         "GO AWAY!" My anger and nerves started to get the best of me. "I- I- I mean, not now, please..."

          "Too bad." Tris opened the door, and I hid my bleeding hand behind my back. "What's with the  broken mirror...and the blood on the broken shards of glass?"







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