She who conceals - English version


3. Notifying


Davy was starring at me. And this time I was sure it was at me and not someone else. The players form his team was calling at him, but he just keep starring at me like we was the only people on the planet. What was going one? If he didn't registered his team, we would lose. Take that damn ball! He blink and looked confused a second. Then he registered his team and flew after the ball. He was so quick. Even though he was fare behind the other joker he got the ball. "Did Davy just look at y.." She paused. "You look so stiff? You okay?". Brea asked, looking at me like I was a stranger. "Eh yeah i'm fine. Did you see it?" I got stammered out. "Omg Kaly! He looked at you! That's new hah?" She said laughing. So he did look at me? What happened? Why did he look at me? I sat between thousands people and he look right at me? The girl he never talked to? What's wrong? I was confused and without thinking I looked up. No fly. But it was here for a second ago? I looked quickly down again. "Yeah it's... new" I said. "You are no more just someone Kaly! He looked at you and now you are The girl Davy looked at. I anyone saw it besides us. Maybe he... " I stopped listening. I just couldn't focus. I looked back at the arena. Shit. Davy stood down there. I couldn't take my eye of him. He looked differed. He looke.. Our eyes met. My heard skipped a beat. He looks so sad? I have never seen a person like that. I tried to take my eyes away but of some reason, I couldn't. We keep starring at each other and it was like he was trying to tell me something. "... and then he asks you out and... Are you even listing Kaly? Hallo the earth calls Kaly? Someone there?" Brea poked me on my arm. I blinked and took my eyes of Davy. "Yeah.. Eh.. I'm here. Sounds cool. What about something to eat?" I ask trying to get the picture of Davy out of my head. Without any luck. "Great idea! I'm almost dying after some salad" she said and rolled her eyes. We alway ate salad. We didn't really have anything else. "I need a new shirt. The one I'm wearing is a bit small. You see?" Brea looked down at her self. The shirt looked amazing on her. The shirt hided the neck, the arm and all of the upper body. Just like it should. Also one of the many rules I hated. Why couldn't we were our own taste of clothes? I always felt my air was blowing away every time I took the shirt on in the morning. Damn these rules. We were not allowed to wear clothes that shows our skin. It was a sign of weakness they said. Weakness? That is so stupid! Not that I wanted to dress slutty but still! Even when it's summer you are not allow to show skin. And if you shows anyone your body, even your parents, you are banned from every one.

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