She who conceals - English version


2. Impression


I looked at my mother who was on the picture in front of me. She is a pretty woman. I always wondered if I looked like her? I know I have her big, wavy, brown hair, her amazing  bone structure and her small lips. But I have my fathers blue eyes and light skin. I wish I knew just what I look like. Was I beautiful? Nobody know what they look like. Mirrors is prohibits. Just like any other thing that can make a reflection that make you see your self. Even our windows is matte. Once it wasn't like that. It changed for 73 years ago. We got a new president and since, everything that could describe your identity, got hidden away. You won't boast of how beautiful you are, if you don't know how you look. They say that's the reason why we can't see our self. Which doesn't make sence because in school we all know who is the pretties. I always though it sounded wired. But what do I know? I'm only 15.

"Kaly? Are you coming or what?" Brea called from down under. We were going to see the match on our school. It's a tradition every 3. March. I don't really like balltech, but Brea do. " I'm coming, relax Brea". 

As I jumped of my techboard I heard Davy called somewhere behind me. I turned around and looked at him. He is so sexy. He has this skater look mixed with this beach boy look. Green eyes, brown messy hair and muscular body. I would cut my arm of just to make him see me. But of course, I'm just Kaly. The boring and dry girl. "Hi babe". My heart skip a beat. Did he just call me babe? This was the biggest day of my life. I smiled and looked at him.. passing me by. To Gabby. Of course, what the hell did I think. A boy like Davy would never even look at a girl like me. Boys like him has girlfriends like Gabby. Beautiful, boobtastic and bootylicious. A BBB-girl as Brea and I calls perfect girls. And Gabby is perfect. Perfect face, perfect body. They looked good together. They did, even though I hate to admit it. What ever. I passed the kissing couple, still starring at Davy, and run after Brea. "Wait. Why are you going so fast. We're not late" I said hitting Brea on her shoulder. "Shut up Kaly. You are way faster than me, and we both know that. And I have to look at Simon before he walks in the arena. " She said with a flirty smile. Brea was just as enchanted of Simon as I was of Davy. Simon was also hot. Not as hot as Davy but still hot. "Stop dreaming Brea" I said. She laughed. "And that comes for you? Simon is at least single. You are also way to good for Davy" she said still laughing. "Hell take you Brea. We both know that's not true" I said and looked mad at her. She just laughed louder and took my hand in hers. We went through the hall, which was so big. I hated it. Everything was white and boring. White stairs in the sides that led to the spectator seats. White couches and group chairs with a coffee-table in the middle. At the end of the hall, a lots of food shops and souvenir shops were placed. I always buy a latte from Starbucks to get through the game, so I did. Brea rushed at me. Now we where late. We ran up the stairs and found our seats. The judge came out from a little hole in the arena. He whistled the whistle and the two team came out. We were in white and the other team were in black. So typical. Everything is black and white. Or if we are lucky white and black. I hated it, but it seemed like I was the only one. No one else ever complained. Once I mentioned it for Brea, but she just starred at me and said I was thinking too much. Which I probably do. 

The teams lined up and waited for the start whistle. Their is only 6 players on each team and no replacers. If you fall you are dead. I have never seen Davy fall. He's the star. Simon is also a star but not as good as Davy. The game is about flying on techboards. One from each team has to fly around the other players. He is called the joker. Davy is the joker from our team. The jokers is flying around the other players who while is waiting for the ball to come out. When the ball comes out the players has to call at the their joker, and the joker has to retrieve the ball as fast as he can, before the other joker gets it. The joker has to throw the ball to his team players, who all have to touch the ball before time is up. They have 10 seconds from the ball comes out, which means it has to go pretty fast. When everyone from the team has touched the ball, without any from the other team touched or achieved it, you will win. I hate the game because it's so simple. You just have to touch a freaking ball without falling down from the damn tech board. It maybe sounds difficult but we have used the boards since we were born. 

Anyway while I was absent and just drinking my latte and Brea was busy drooling over Simon, I looked up. I saw a big, wierd fly flying over us. They say that we should never look up because then our eyes will be hurt. But I did it without thinking. That's no shame is it? I sat there for a while just starring at the game. Why didn't my eyes hurt? I mean, I looked up? Maybe it was because I looked so quickly down again. I guess so. But why was the weird fly flying here? Was they monitoring us? I felt something. Someone was looking at me. I turned my head and my eyes met someones deep green eyes. 

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