Uprooted Jungles, a place where nature took over. In this fantasy world, lives the Vine people. Half-plant and with human instincts. Ruled over by Queen Of Nature. She believed that every human had intelligence, strong enough to feed her prized possession. EYE, a creature of the damned. A plant born from Riptides, another land that was corrupted. Queen of Nature managed to make the alien plant violent. As it became aggressive and chased the Queen across the Uprooted Jungles, outside of Riptides. Once the Queen had the chance to escape, she threw her life on the line. Throwing herself off the falls that led into the Sacred Circle. EYE fell inside a portal to the Void. Many portals like these were opened by rituals. Vine people did rituals as a way to educate their young. - Written By: Luke J.R - Competition: Fantasy! - 2014 - Spring? -


1. Uprooted Jungles (3,000 Words!)

Chapter 1

Uprooted Jungles

Uprooted Jungles, a place where nature took over. In this fantasy world, lives the Vine people. Half-plant and with human instincts. Ruled over by Queen Of Nature. She believed that every human had intelligence, strong enough to feed her prized possession. EYE, a creature of the damned. A plant born from Riptides, another land that was corrupted. Queen of Nature managed to make the alien plant violent. As it became aggressive and chased the Queen across the Uprooted Jungles, outside of Riptides. Once the Queen had the chance to escape, she threw her life on the line. Throwing herself off the falls that led into the Sacred Circle. EYE fell inside a portal to the Void. Many portals like these were opened by rituals. Vine people did rituals as a way to educate their young.

It became more and more risky as years went by. EYE grew corruption from the Void, and plugged into the Void’s core. EYE’s vines rooted around the core and took advantage. Knowing that it was in control of the Uprooted Jungles, it ripped out the hearts of many. Controlling the Void allowed it to release the creatures from the Void. With a disgusting fetish to bring a new race into the world. EYE mated with the Void creatures inside the portals, and formed the clouds of oblivion. As the world changed around Uprooted Jungles, less colour and more corruption. Vine people became unsure of what to do, and the Queen blamed herself for the power she gave to the plant. However, EYE was more intelligent than everyone in the lands. It knew what race to create, and with some experimentation. It created the Swallowed. Creatures that had been human and lost their hearts. Nature adjusted the power of EYE, and forced EYE to put more power into the Void.

As a vault of power, the Void became the main source. The sources of life, the Void granted deaths to many, and revealed so much more alien like creatures to the humans. Angelica was a human lost, a younger girl who was in her twenty’s. Her dark brown hair wrapped around her neck, and her purple like eyes glowed into the moonlight. Her hair formed the Rainbow Eclipse. Still human with a gift from nature, she used the Rainbow Eclipse to form Eclipse Lake. A lake full of rainbow like colours. The rainbow became beautiful and formed life. Rainbow Eclipse became an event, Vine people loved. The Queen didn’t’ like Rainbow Eclipse, and wanted to change the world to her needs…

- After The EYE’s Uprooting & Given Birth –

‘Angelica, Angelica, EYE has taken another life…’ Sally whispered.

‘Mother, I don’t believe in EYE…’ she replied.

‘EYE took your father away from us. How can you not believe that?’

‘B-because… he would have returned, he weren’t taken away from us…’

‘Swallowed. I’m sorry daughter of mine…’ Sally sighed.

The Swallowed had taken away Angelica’s father. Devoured and reborn. Birth of EYE, it became the source of power. And teamed up with nature, Mother Nature. EYE was nothing more than a stronger plant that was given life. And to survive, it needed hearts. Hearts beating weren’t enough for this creature’s satisfaction. It ripped the hearts out of many, and devoured them. The skins of the people became coats for Vine people. EYE had a long stalk and vines defending the eye of the plant. EYE has a name that many fear… The Eye of the Known. – Unknown to all living beings that EYE actually was known? – IF it had been known, then why did the humans not fight or take any action?

‘Queen. What about our saplings?’ Angelica whispered.

‘Never have you minded that, daughter.’

‘EYE can be taken down. I just know it, I know I can do it…’ Angelica sighed.

‘Your father thought the same. His heart became the beating of EYE…’

‘Life? – Sacred Circle, it is full of life…’ Angelica smiled.

‘Yes… full of danger too, EYE has taken corruption to whole new level…’ she cried.

Sally opened the wooden door and closed the door behind her. Angelica started carving a wooden weapon out of some sticks. Angelica’s home, the trees high up in the Uprooted Jungles. Standing tall over the Vine people, Angelica had the power to rule a civilization. As she was soon to be Princess. Sally didn’t want her to become a Princess so soon, she was always too protective. Angelica’s father wanted the trees to drool his blood. Sally kept this a secret from Angelica, as the sap from EYE had given the father a strange reaction. – The father was never devoured, just reborn. Memories is all he had left. – His body had been changed. And his brain had been compacted with aliens…

- Riptides –

King Riptide, a man who lost everything to the plant of the known. EYE for short. His wife, the Queen of Riptides became a victim to EYE. She cared for the plant at a young age, and fed it her memories. Memories and some of her blood. Glass full of blood was shared to EYE. EYE became corrupted as it grew more powerful in its new home. King Riptide had a plan to destroy the EYE, and keep it as a stuffed plant. – His wife never wanted any harm to come her way. And she cared for the plant with her own life on the line. EYE grew stronger and stole her heart, ripping out her heart. EYE then devoured the heart and discovered a new power. Domination, and began to dominate the humans. EYE’s next victim would have been King Riptide and his younger daughter. However, with the remains of his wife being just skin. King Riptide played the wild card. A very risky attempt to survive. Wearing his own wife’s skin. – EYE could only break through several layers of skin back then. King Riptide got lucky, and EYE failed to rip through the layers of his wife’s remaining skin. Forced to wear his wife’s skin as a reminder to who he is. He became confused and twisted, living day in, day out knowing that he had messed with his wife’s precious body. – Using her skin as a shield, or a coat.

- Shadow –

A mysterious figure who is human. He brought harm and suffering to his family. He managed to find shelter in the Sacred Circle. His sister was nothing more than a Vine person believer. She spent her life nurturing the Vine people’s young. The Queen of Nature managed to catch Shadow killing a Vine people family. – He was given the name Shadow. As he needed to stay a shadow to stay alive. EYE was soon in on the fact that this boy had been killing innocent humans and creations of nature. EYE uprooted further from the depths of the portal, and linked with Shadow. Using the Void portal, it connected the vines to Shadow’s Legacy. Tweaking his emotions and using him like a puppet. Shadow became a victim of EYE, and the Queen of Nature weren’t any wiser. She didn’t find out about Shadow’s change, and almost died to Shadow’s strength. EYE wanted to use something else, a creature or a puppet, something it could control. As Shadow became nothing more than a message to the Queen of Nature, she managed to lock away Shadow. EYE failed to break Shadow out of the cell. And decided to rip its vines into the Queen’s homeland. Ripping out more hearts along the way.

The glorious thing about Vine people was their deaths. When one had died, a plant would uproot from their hearts. If any hearts were left, they’d be left on the ground in blood. And their hearts would act like seeds and bring to life new plants. EYE used this to its advantage, so EYE could see how many were slaughtered. And how many still standing, the Queen of Nature also caught onto this trick. Using the plants she could see in the distance as a reminder. A reminder on how many Vine people she has lost. To her, they are her people. To EYE, they are nothing more than food. And possibly even slaves. EYE loved ruining the Queen’s dreams, and destroying her homeland.

- Uprooting Jungles –

Sally had left the home. Angelica had gone for a walk, a walk to Sacred Circle. She didn’t care what creatures were dangerous. She just wanted to pay her respects to the guardians. Uprooting Guardians, and the Uprooting Gods. These were the creatures that should never be messed with. Most of the Uprooting Guardians slept for years. And the Uprooting Gods only had the power over several parts of the lands. Riptide was one of them. Uprooting Jungles power was too corrupted, if the Gods had tried to remove EYE, it would result in the Void devouring the worlds. A risky move for any God, and living, knowing that you have killed millions. It wouldn’t be a great move…

At the Sacred Circle, Angelica presented herself in-front of the Uprooting Guardians.

‘Angelica is here, her presence is known… Sally’s daughter, of many unknown…’ she whispered.

‘Y-you come here for many reasons, humans. So, why do you tempt with the Circle?’

‘Here for peace, not here for harm… search me if you wish, I’ll never be armed…’

‘V-very well… search in progression. – Remember to kneel…’ It whispered.

Angelica knelt down on the Sacred Circle’s chalk lines. And placed her delicate hands against the chest of one of the guardians. As she waited for her permissions, Elise appeared from under the falls. The falls of the Eclipse Lake, Angelica turned around to talk to Elise.

‘Elise? – What are you doing here?’ She asked.

‘Time away from my Queen, my mother…’ Elise replied.

‘Good, same here… tempt me now, I shall not forget you…’ Angelica mumbled.

‘Two humans… a daughter of the Queen, and a daughter of Sally?’ The guardians spoke.

‘Yes, that’s right…’ Angelica sighed. ‘So, permission to pay respects?’

‘Permission granted, found no items on you… no weapons, no harming…’ it whispered.

‘Angelica, you can’t pay respects here…’ Elise muttered.

Elise crossed her arms, her dark skinned arms. Angelica jumped back, stepping on one of the lines of the circle. Elise raised her hands and knelt down beside Angelica. The guardian opened its eyes, dark red with green vines swirling out of the sockets. Dark bark, and orange sap seeping out of its eye sockets. As the guardian awoken, it approached Elise who had knelt down. Angelica stepped back, and waited for secondary permissions.

‘Elise, I’m paying my respects, so go away… go back to your precious Queen…’ Angelica mumbled.

‘My Queen has the power of nature, do you really think you have the strengths to mess with someone like me?’ Elise muttered.

‘Try me… on this Sacred Circle, blood will be split once more…’ Angelica smirked.

Angelica pulled off her dark green leaf coat. And her wooden breast plate stuck out from under her shirt. She placed her left hand in one of her pockets, and pulled out a sharp wooden dagger. Her dark brown hair shined through the darkness. Elise gave Angelica an evil look, and pulled out a sharp spear from under her backpack. She too, took off her leaf clothing. Half naked to Angelica, she held the spear in both hands and stared at Angelica. Elise laughed a little, and circled Angelica.

‘Blood shall be spilt, indeed…’ Elise smiled.

‘Humans die here… risks aren’t taken, remember your skins…’ the guardians laughed.

Elise lunged at Angelica, between her legs. Angelica swirled around on a circle and managed to kick Elise in the face. Elise screamed loudly, as Angelica threw her dagger towards Elise. Elise smashed the dagger out of her way using the wooden spear. The metal blade at the end of the spear drooled blue blood. The guardians eye sockets oozed out more orange sap. The sap filled the circle, as the ground became stickier. The guardians laughed at the entertaining fight.

Elise circled Angelica again, and lunged several times, missing Angelica’s left thigh. With no weapon in her hand, Angelica scratched Elise’s face as much as she could. Elise slapped Angelica across the face with the spear’s blunt end. Angelica slid into the stick ground. Elise smiled evilly. Her devilish grin shown how evil Elise can be. Angelica tried to move but couldn’t. She had become trapped in the guardian’s sticky sap. Elise approached Angelica’s sticky situation. She placed her spear’s blade in the sap and stared at Angelica.

‘See… your power is pathetic. The daughter of nature has the power of nature…’ Elise joked.

‘Guardians… I wish to be free.’ Angelica whispered.

‘Unknown freedom, human not able to respond…’ the guardians laughed.

Sally slid down the steep hill and landed flat on her hands. As she screamed…

‘Let her out of the sap this once!’

‘Sally, at last, your daughter is caught…’ Elise smiled.

‘I told her not to go anywhere near the Sacred Circle…’ Sally mumbled.

‘Well, your daughter is now a sappy meal…’ Elise giggled.

Elise walked away from the Sacred Circle, claiming her clothing and placing it back on her body. She disappeared into the mist around the area. Her shadow faded as she went further into the mist. Sally started to panic, and knelt down on the chalk lined circle. The guardians smiled, as sap stopped flowing out of their eye sockets. Angelica started to cry, as Sally worried more about her daughter.

‘Sally returned, my daughter is precious to me, guardians…’ Sally cried.

‘Sally, the Queen and mother of Angelica…?’

‘Yes… It’s me, the Queen…’ she mumbled.

‘No! – Her fluids will mix, and sap shall be reborn…’ the guardians laughed.

‘No… bring forward my God! – Bring him now!’ Sally screamed.

Bursting from the shadows behind the guardians, a God broke free. Sally’s God, every Queen in the lands has their own God. Her God wasn’t as powerful as the Queen of nature. Her God only had the power to fix problems that were in its league. Sally held her hands out for the God to stand in her presence. The guardians laughed in the background, as the God approached her.

‘Sally… you wish for your daughter to be free?’ A Godly voice spoke.

‘As free as you and me…’ she cried.

‘Ah, Angelica… so full of fluids, and powerful enough to bring us up…’

‘You can’t do this! – She lost because of your freaking sap!’ She screamed.

‘Our guardians are not cheaters… they wish to feed. If your daughter had walked away from the Queen of Nature’s daughter. Maybe, you’d have Angelica in your arms…’ it laughed.

‘I’ll fight you for her… fighting a God, it takes strength! – And it takes love…’

‘No war… No harm! – The Sacred Circle needs to be reborn, if damage is done…’ it whispered.

‘I don’t care! – The Sacred Circle is never going to be as powerful as EYE!’ She screamed.

Sally stepped in and held Elise’s spear to the God’s throat. The God was much taller than her, and had the armour of millions of skins. Through all those layers, lived the hearts of many. Sally shook as she held the spear to the God’s throat. The God smiled, as sharp branch like teeth crunched of the end of her spear. Sally flinched and stepped back away from the God.

‘Mother, no! Don’t do it mother!’ Angelica screamed.

‘Shall be dead human… you appraised the God, you have fed us with fear…’

‘Release my daughter! – Release my daughter!’ Sally repeated herself.

Sally slammed the spear into the God’s throat, doing hardly any damage. The God didn’t feel much pain and stepped over to Sally’s position. Sally looked up in fear, and started waving the broken spear in the God’s direction. The guardians uprooted from their sitting down positions. As their branches slammed Sally in the face. Sally fell flat on the ground, as her spear flew towards the sap. Angelica screamed in the background, as her mother laid on the circle arms out, flat on the ground.

‘Never ever return… banished from the lands!’ The God smiled.

‘Banished! Banished! – Feeding… our saviour!’ The guardians chanted.

‘Daughter! – Please… escape…!’ Sally screamed with her last breath.

Sally was lifted up in the God’s large branched hands. Its dark bark scraped off Sally’s back. Sally screamed in agony, as the guardian’s vines wrapped around Sally’s chest. Angelica covered her eyes with her sticky hands. The God walked into the darkness behind the guardians with Sally in its hands. The guardians released their vine grips around Sally. Sally’s body fell to the sticky red sap behind the guardians. Angelica squinted, as she caught glimpse of her mother being devoured by sap.

‘Brethren, feast on the bones of a Queen…’ it laughed loudly.

Angelica covered her eyes again, and tried to stretch herself out of the sticky sap. With every attempt, she heard her mother being crunched. Bones being chewed, and sap bubbling up around her mother. The God was pleased with the feast, and enjoyed the blood she split into its sap.

- The Gods of the Sacred Circle –

The Gods were mistaken for support. Not every God can be trusted. Sally was told by her husband that their Gods would be trust worthy. Knowing that he had lied to her, she became a victim of a Godly feast. Never go against the God’s wishes… or, it leads to the end of the road. Sally’s father told her differently. He promised Sally that the Gods of the Sacred Circle would always betray you. Sally never learnt the truth about her father. Her father lost his legs to the Gods after saving her from a similar situation. – Welcome to the Uprooted Chronicles… -

Not All Gods Can Be Trusted…

(Fantasy Competition)

- Written By Luke J.R –

2979 Words! (3,000 MAX!)

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