Sorry for being born (Liam Fanfic)

Hi. I'm Samhara Diamantee and I am 17. I am Irish and British. I love to paint and write poetry. My mother died of cancer when I was 4, and that's when my father started beating me. I am bullied every day and I apologize. I'm sorry for being born, and I'm sorry for being alive this long. I just hope no one will stop me from leaving this world and making everyone happy. My name is Samhara Diamantee, and I am done.


3. Chapter 2

Liam's POV

* two weeks later*

Me and Sam are best friends, but it's hard. She is suicidal (only I know this) and she is bullied, ALOT!! I just wish I was brave enough to tell her my feelings for her. I walk out of class and Sam is being surrounded by bullies. I walk up to them.

"Umm, is there a problem?" I ask them.

"Not at all!" One girl says.

"Then why are you here?" I remark. They roll their eyes and walk away.

"Thanks." Samhara smiles. I smile back and we walk to my place.

Samhara's POV

I'm glad to have Liam as a friend. I wish I would tell him how I feel, but I can't! As we walk to his house, we pass my street. When we pass my house I see my dad looking through the window. Great, just great! He sees me and walks out of the house.

"Where do you think your going!" He yells and grabs the wrist that I cut on. I wince in pain.

"Let her go!" Liam shouts. He pushes my dad off of me and turns to me. He grabs my hand and we run to his house. I'm glad Liam was there or else I would have gotten it big time.

Srry for the late and short chapter. I will make it longer. I've been doing EQAO! So ya I'll try to make one tomorrow I promise!! Bye!!

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