Sorry for being born (Liam Fanfic)

Hi. I'm Samhara Diamantee and I am 17. I am Irish and British. I love to paint and write poetry. My mother died of cancer when I was 4, and that's when my father started beating me. I am bullied every day and I apologize. I'm sorry for being born, and I'm sorry for being alive this long. I just hope no one will stop me from leaving this world and making everyone happy. My name is Samhara Diamantee, and I am done.


2. Chapter 1

Samhara's POV

I wake up and go downstairs. My dad's still asleep, so I get no beating. I grab an apple and my bag. I run out the door before he wakes up.

Skip walk to school

I get to school and see that the school bully is absent. Thank god. I go to class and my teacher, Mr. Franchise, calls me over.

"Yes Mr. Franchise?" I ask. "There is a new student at the office and I was wondering if you'd be willing to give up your classes and show him around?" He told me. "Sure!" I agree and head down to the office.

I get there and the principal, Mrs. Demarks, is with the new student. "Liam, this is Samhara, she will show you around." She smiled at me. We leave the office and I show him to the cafeteria.

Liam's POV

"So your name's Liam?" She asked. "Ya, and your name is....." I try to remember her name. She giggles. She's cute when she does that. "It's Samhara." She smiles. Her smiles beautiful too! She's just beautiful!

"So, you live near here?" I shyly ask. "Yup! Just around the block. I walk here everyday." Her smile fades. "What's wrong?" I say concerned. "Nothing!" She smiles again and we walk out of the, cafeteria, I'm guessing. I like her.

Samhara's POV

Maybe today might be a happy day! I haven't had one in a long time. And I like Liam, but he probably doesn't feel the same about me.

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