Finally Saved

*Sequel to Save Me 2*
Cece has just woken up from her coma after being shot by her parents killer, Kale. One year later and Ce's life is back on track. But what happens when Kale and Hunter escape from jail and are back for blood? Will Cece and Zayn be ok or will it be game over for them?
*If u haven't read Save Me 2, go read that before reading this!*


5. Chapter 3

Zayn's POV

Ni and Abbi are getting married in 4 months! I'm very happy for them. I walk into the living room where Ce is watching tv.

"Hey." I say as I sit next to her and put my arm around her. "Hi." She smiled. I picked up the remote and turn on the news.

Cece's POV

"19 year old, Hunter Cameron, and 25 year old, Kale Skniper, have broken out of jail. Police are searching for them." The news reported spoke into the mic. I look at Zayn.

"They will probably come after us again!" I say nervously. "If they do, they won't get to you and this I promise." He replies and kisses me on the head. I look at him and smile.

"Thank you." I mutter and I kiss him.

Srry for the late and short chapter. I've been on a HUGE writers block! But here u have it!! What will happen next? Will Kale and Hunter actually succeed at running away? Will it be game over for the two love birds? And will Abbi and Ni become a target? Love y'all!


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