Finally Saved

*Sequel to Save Me 2*
Cece has just woken up from her coma after being shot by her parents killer, Kale. One year later and Ce's life is back on track. But what happens when Kale and Hunter escape from jail and are back for blood? Will Cece and Zayn be ok or will it be game over for them?
*If u haven't read Save Me 2, go read that before reading this!*


3. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

Today is the day I'm going to ask Abbi to marry me. I'm very exited and the other two, Ce and Zayn, are exited for me too.

"Are you ready yet Abbi?" I ask. "Yup! One second." She calked back. She comes downstairs and we walk out to the car.

Abbi's POV

We arrive at the restaurant and eat dinner. After we finish, we drive to Big Ben. We lay down beside each other and look up away the stars.

"Abbi." Niall whispered. "Ya babe?" I reply. "I have loved you from the first day we met, and I still do." He started.

"I love you too Ni." I smile. "And you're the most beautiful girl I have ever met. So, will you, Abbigale Riviera, marry me?" He asks.

"YES!" I yell and he slides the ring on my finger. We both smile and I crash my lips onto his. "I love you Abbi." He smiles. "I love you too Ni."

Hey! Hope you liked the chapter! Sorry for the late update! I was on a writers block. Love y'all! See you Sunday!


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