The devil In me

she doesn't exist to them she is used by others many times what should she do? There is nothing she can do. she got abandon by her parents ever since they divorce. people always make fun of her because she have no parents. She have a very kind heart but no one know she felt the most pain. She couldn't take it anymore on her 15th birthday she committed suicide. She Is my owner and I am the devil inside her.


3. trap inside the dark

  The moment I woke up I realize something was different my hand slowly move towards my heart. I couldn't feel the beating of my heart... that was when I realize I am already dead. I stand up and get out of the bathtub I walk towards the mirror I saw myself cover with blood and scars all over my body scars on my hand and leg and a very special mark on my neck that I didn't realize before... It looks something like the word dead... I remember cutting my neck but there is no scar on my neck I touch my hand and it was so cold but I couldn't feel it... I didn't feel pain, when I look around the bathroom the only thing I can see is blood. I decided to clean up and wash the bathroom and take a shower.

   When I went out of the bathroom I look out the window it was dark outside when I look at the time it was I went to bed to sleep but I am wide awake I don't feel tired. suddenly my body move on its on it seems like someone is controlling me. My body slowly walk towards the closet I get dressed do my hair and put on makeup. I closed the lights and curtains in my house  but its very late where am I going. School starts 7.30am but its only suddenly the door in my house open a strong wind rushed through the house causing the vase on the table to fall and break into pieces. I feel something pushing me towards the door telling me to get out of the house. And so I walk out to the house it was very dark outside the moment I step out of my house, the door immediately close causing a loud thud . I decided to go to the nearby 24 hour shop to get some ice-cream when I walk to my house I saw my ex climbing up my house to the second floor when I look into my room there was a girl who look exactly like me sleeping on my bed who is she?! I drop that plastic bag I was holding on didn't I closed the lights and  curtains when I went out of the house? My ex managed to jump in to my room as the window is opened. I couldn't believe what I saw as the girl who look exactly like me suddenly stand up and look at my ex I could see clearly that she is holding to a knife! is she going to kill him!...



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