The devil In me

she doesn't exist to them she is used by others many times what should she do? There is nothing she can do. she got abandon by her parents ever since they divorce. people always make fun of her because she have no parents. She have a very kind heart but no one know she felt the most pain. She couldn't take it anymore on her 15th birthday she committed suicide. She Is my owner and I am the devil inside her.


1. Last day

      19/1/09 when she is 14 everyday she have listen to her parents quarrel and fight. They decided to divorce. 12/3/09  she started cutting herself from her wrist to her leg. she is addicted to cutting as it is the only way to fight depression. she have been living alone ever since her parents divorce. 5/6/09 she thought maybe if she have a boyfriend everything will be better. So she found a boyfriend she never felt love ever since her parents left the house. But she didn't know actually her boyfriend is only playing with her feelings... 7/8/09 she found out that her boyfriend have another girl. A lot of thing happen... it was her first boyfriend and he hurt her very badly and it was a disaster... It was a lonely and cruel world for her but no one understand. she got no one to talk to she don't have any close friends... so she thought to herself if one day I die will anyone care?... If it wasn't for him she would have died long ago because he is the only reason she is still living. He is someone who she dream of ever since she was 9 years old she never see him before and everyday when she wake up she will forget how he look like everyday when she wake up there will be tears rolling down her checks. You must be wondering who is she what is her name. Her name is Kristina and I am the devil living inside her. 15/8/10 The day she decided to commit suicide, I make a deal with her...

                                        sorry my grammar very bad but hope you like it...

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