The devil In me

she doesn't exist to them she is used by others many times what should she do? There is nothing she can do. she got abandon by her parents ever since they divorce. people always make fun of her because she have no parents. She have a very kind heart but no one know she felt the most pain. She couldn't take it anymore on her 15th birthday she committed suicide. She Is my owner and I am the devil inside her.


2. Blood

Kristina decided to commit suicide. At 11pm she went into the toilet she use the penknife she always use to cut herself. she start cutting herself but this time it was different she cut it very deep. She start cutting her wrist then her leg. She went into the bathtub filled with water. The water start changing colour from transparent to red. she start losing conscious and her bleeding didn't stop. The last cut was her neck she used all the strength she have left to cut her neck. Blood started rushing out of her neck and the wall is splatted with blood. She smile and tears started rolling down her cheek. she said to herself, I can finally leave this cruel world. The only one she will miss is him the one that appeared in her dream but she is stupid because he will never save her no one will. I appeared inside her dream The previous day I told her I can help you I will help you take revenge and after that I will leave your body your soul will be back and you will only have one hour left to live. But in exchange you will have to die the next day which is the day on your 15th birthday the day when your born. And I will take over you. your soul will disappear and I will have the right to disobey you. Kristina don't have any choice so she killed herself. She wanted to kill all her friends that betrayed her make fun of her she wanted to let them feel the same pain. After she died I take over her body and the revenge will start Tomorrow...


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