If you were an artist about to paint love, where would you start?


2. The 'Bad-Boy' Look

(Marcel's POV)

Eventually, Harry came to the library to pick me up. I got into the car and Harry said,

"I'm so sorry you had to wait on me... again."

"It's fine. I quite enjoy a good hour or so in the library." I said chuckling when Harry joined in.

"You and your dorky qualities." Harry said laughing. We got home within 20 minutes due to Harry's slow driving. 

I plonked myself on the couch with Harry repeating my move, just after I got comfy.

"Take your glasses off for a second." Harry ordered. I gave him a confused look but took them off. I looked at him again. He ruffled my hair.

"Look." He said, pointing at the mirror above the fireplace on the wall. I got up and looked at my reflection, amazed.

"You see, you don't look that bad. In fact, if I was a girl I would certainly want to go out with you." Harry said cheekily.

"You really think so?" I asked, still not convinced.

"Marcel, you look exactly like me. Of course you look good." He said. OK, now I'm convinced.

"Thanks, Harry!" I said and ruffled his hair before running upstairs to do my homework.

~Next day~

I was ready to go to school with my 'bad-boy' look and Harry was clearly impressed. 

"Ah, you have learned the qualities of looking good. From the master." He cheekingly said as he bowed, proud of himself.

"Oh, haha. Very funny." I said sarcastically.

"Come on, we'll be late." I said. Harry groaned and I laughed, both of us heading to Harry's car.

~Skips car ride

I opened the door to the school and everyone gasped.

"Looking good, Marcel!" Louis said. He is way too happy at this time of day. 

"Thanks, Lou." I replied.

I walked to class and everyone was calling me Harry. I guess this isn't so bad. I kind of like all of the attention. It isn't often I get all of this attention. 

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