If you were an artist about to paint love, where would you start?


1. Finn

(Marcel's POV)

Hi, I'm Marcel. Most importantly, I'm known as the nerd of the school but I think there is nothing wrong with nerds. In my opinion, nerd stands for Not, Entirely, Really, Dorky. Me and my brother, Harry, are completely different. He is the most popular guy in school. I envy him so much. Me and Harry get along quite well actually. He has even helped me become more popular with the ladies but all of the girls are completely drooling over him. Right now, I'm sitting alone in the cafeteria and eating a peanut butter sandwich. Across the room, Harry was sitting at a table with half of the cheerleading squad. He gave me a few apologetic looks. You see, nobody knows we're brothers, except his best friends, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, even though we look very identical. I guess nobody has ever noticed me.

"Hey, Marcel! Why don't you give me your lunch money?" Finn Patterson, the school bully, shouted coming towards my table.

"U-Uh I d-don't have any." I stuttered.

"Hey, you! Stay away from my brother!" Harry pulled Finn away from me. I bunch of gasps filled the room. "Yeah, you heard me. Back off!" He spat. He turned to me. 

"Hey, are you OK, Marcel?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks, bro." I said trying to be cool but it failed.

"I mean thanks, Harry." I corrected myself.

"Why don't you sit with us? I'm sure everyone won't mind." Harry suggested.

"Sure." I followed him to the table he was sitting at a few minutes ago and sat next to Louis; the funny one.

"So, Marcel. How are you?" Louis broke the awkward silence. I could always trust him to break any silence.

"I'm good, thanks." I replied.

~5 hours later~

Another day of school came to an end and everyone had already left. Me, on the other hand, had to wait on Harry because he had to go to detention for talking too much in class. Every time Harry was in detention, I would always go to the library across the street. Harry drives me to and from school because I can't drive. So therefore, I have to wait on him.

I opened the door to the library and walked to the shelf which had my favourite book, The Fault In Our Stars. I've read that book almost five times and still never gets old.

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