The People

Blair has never followed things she's truly felt. A seemingly strong girl that has hopes to make the others around her happy, no matter what it costs to her own happiness. But re-occuring dreams are beginning to unveil the treacherous future to come, and somehow her past is keeping up with her. As a seemingly normal life begins to fall apart, along with everyone else's, will Blair's knowledge let her become one of The People? And will she finally hold on to the one person she's always tried to let go of?


1. Prologue

A storm is coming. Not a normal storm. This storm is going to change everything. It’s going to burst things into flames. It’s going to create rain, but also drought. Where there’ll be places bursting with greenery, there’ll be places with only the colour brown. People will scream, people will cry, but before that people will laugh. No one knows of the danger, the danger of the storm. No one knows it’s coming, no one but me. Although I don’t really know anything, I just have the feeling. But what is the feeling really? I have dreams. People talk but I can barely focus on the words coming out of their mouths. The storm is coming. Every day it gets closer. Every day the feeling gets stronger. I’m not important, I can’t prevent the storm. I just know it’s coming. The storm isn’t just going to destroy my town or my state or my country. It’s going to destroy the world, until only what is needed is left.

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