The People

Blair has never followed things she's truly felt. A seemingly strong girl that has hopes to make the others around her happy, no matter what it costs to her own happiness. But re-occuring dreams are beginning to unveil the treacherous future to come, and somehow her past is keeping up with her. As a seemingly normal life begins to fall apart, along with everyone else's, will Blair's knowledge let her become one of The People? And will she finally hold on to the one person she's always tried to let go of?


3. Digging up the past

The fire, it’s burning. I’m running, screaming. I don’t know where I’m going, all I know is I need to run. People run behind me, I can hear nothing but the blaze of the fire and the screams of people. Until another noise begins to ring through my ears. The sound of waves, I realise now that I am trapped. I am trapped between a tsunami from the Earth and fire from the people.

My alarm jolts me awake and I brush a sweaty strand of hair from my forehead. Another dream, but this time it was different. A million thoughts run through my mind, a tsunami? And the cause of the fire, I can practically see the soldiers setting houses alight. The dreams are getting longer now, more informative. With every dream comes a day closer to whatever this event is supposed to be. I sit up and stare at my full bedroom, even with photos cluttering every space I still feel empty. Why am I thinking this? Surely this event can’t actually be happening. I must be going crazy. My feet hit the soft white carpet and I walk like a zombie to my bathroom. My hands clamp my mouth closed when I see someone standing near the vanity, until I realise I’m looking at my own reflection. Black bags sit under my dull brown eyes and I feel like I’m actually becoming a zombie. I grasp for my pills behind the mirror and swallow three with a small rinse of water. Something’s happening.

“He said your sister was amazing!” Charlotte practically screams. I roll my eyes, being my best friend Charlotte has always shared the dislike I have for my sister.
“Yeah, so what?” Of course Asher finds Lorrie amazing, everyone does. Well, except for Charlotte and I. But I still know I’m in for a hell of a chaste. I close my eyes briefly and a memory of last nights dream sends a shiver down my spine. I was just lucky that this morning I had enough make-up left to cover the dark circles under my eyes.
“So what? So what! So it’s your sister and he’s your boyfriend! You should care. What if he gets like, attracted to her?” I don’t really want to talk about this. I’ve already decided that I don’t care and to be honest I don’t. When I say this to Charlotte her blue eyes shoot me look and I could almost mistake her for my sister. The matching blonde hair doesn’t help. When Charlotte’s finally finishing her rant, we’re walking through the school gates and I feel like I’ve already finished my day at school. Unfortunately it’s just starting. The school’s spilling with people dressed in ridiculous clothes called fashion.
“Blair!” Asher calls. Charlotte shoots daggers when I walk over without a problem in the world and almost stop in my tracks. Flynn stands beside Asher with a smirk on his face and I frown.
“What’s he doing here?” I ask Asher. Flynn Preston, back at school for our last year. He was suspended after he was caught doing weed in the girls bathrooms, apparently the school decided his money was too important to let go. Asher was there too, luckily he didn’t get caught. I’m already conscious that Flynn could’ve influenced Asher into doing something against school rules. Flynn’s usually done something wrong by now, it’s 8.45. I was hoping I would never have to deal with him again. It was a long summer.
“Please Blair, contain your excitement about my return” Flynn winks. I feel like I’m going to throw up. I don’t know what Asher was thinking when he decided to keep in contact with Flynn. He’s attractive, I’ll give him that. But his seedy personality has begun to leave me feeling sick. Somehow it does the opposite with Charlotte. I can practically feel the shift of her turning into a bubbly, giggly schoolgirl. It’s like we’ve swapped moods. Flynn’s smile starts growing when I start speaking,
“Wow Flynn, I didn’t think they let people like you out of rehab” Asher and Charlotte shoot me looks and somehow I’m beginning to feel like the stoner.
“It wasn’t rehab, Blair. Flynn just needed some time off” Charlotte defends. I could cry in relief when the bell goes, allowing me to excuse myself and practically run to homeroom. I know I was ruder than usual to Flynn, but I can’t seem to act normal ever since my dream last night. Not that I’d be capable of keeping my norm around him anyway. But my dream is all I can see when I close my eyes. Fire consuming houses and water that’s not there to help, it’s there to destroy. I sit in art with my hand working manically on the page, the pencil spilling images that have dug themselves into my mind. It’s nice to finally get a release, the one person I had wanted to talk to doesn’t want to hear it. Aren’t mothers supposed to listen to their children’s problems and help them work through it? When I finally put the pencil down I can almost see smoke drifting from the page.
“So tell me, what’s that supposed to be?” Flynn asks. My head shoots up and I slam my book shut.
“None of your business” I mutter, sharpening the pencil with purpose. The sound of a chair dragging against the wooden floor almost makes me shoot to the door, but I stay seated.
“Blair I know you and I have begun to have some, differences. You know it too. But I’m aiming for a fresh start this year” my mouth stays shut, as if I’ve zipped it up and locked it with a key. How dare he start aiming for an apology, I have much better things to do with my time. I’m not interested in any kind of friendship with someone like him, someone who drags others down to their level to make themselves look better.
“I’m not going to apologise, you can think what you want of me” my lips purse tightly and I’m holding back a million swear words. But I know that he isn’t going to go away until I say something, that’s what Flynn’s like. He’s always been like that, even before everything happened. So I say two words that address my opinion of him exactly.
“I will” Flynn sighs slightly, but I’m not going to regret thinking of him how I do. I can see him going nowhere, mucking around with those busty blonde girls, one in each arm. He would be perfectly content with daddy’s money spilling from his pockets.
“I think that what you’re thinking of me is an entirely different person” he says. I’m almost beginning to soften underneath the past him, the version I used to know and laugh with. But I forbid myself too.
“If I thought that, I’d be thinking of you as some amazing, heroic, handsome man with a bright future. I’m thinking the exact opposite.” I hiss. His hand finds his heart and he mimics being shot.
“Ouch, my heart” Flynn smirks. And the apologetic, different side of him that I used to be so familiar of is snatched away from me. It’s my fault and I know it. Just like it was the first time.

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