Felix The Flie's Wacky World

This story is written by a friend of mine. I hope this makes you laugh as it is very ridiculous.


1. Part 1

Goats cheese is very nutritious if u want many boils sprouting up in very unfortunate places.
But if you add some powdered hairy tentacles then you shall grow some more purple colored belly buttons! Did you know that if you eat some dried toads whiskers the same thing will happen just that the belly buttons will be shocking punk?

Did u know that if you knock your knees together 103 times it will hurt? And that if do this while saying periwinklebutterflies you shall be transported to a detention where a orange and green spotted zebra will escort you to a place where the rap apple pear grows on glass plops. And if ypu eat one of these you shall do a personification sommer toilet umbridge in a magical land called the pride and looking hoop frogs legs?there you shall meet a vampire that eats slugs and snails who really is your long lost grandma (even though the vampire is male) and will invite you to dinner- where you find out that earthworms are the best tasting things you have ever eaten and do not listen to your grandmas warnings to be careful of wereworms until it is too late and you receive the fatal bite....

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