The Doctors Death

As the Doctor lays dying his last words shall be written across the universes. Told to every human and every non-human across the stars. To every person or alien the Doctor has ever encountered or impacted. Every life he has saved will announce the words. Those words shall carry on forever...


1. The Words Shall be Written in the Stars

'I am the Doctor.'

'The Doctor.''

'I'm the Doctor.'

'Just the Doctor.'


So many knew him as the Doctor, for that was his name. But the name he carried under his name was hidden from the universes. And from every person who dare ask of it. Few knew him as his birth given name. River Song knew him as his name. He had told her long ago, when he was a younger man, along with giving her his screwdriver of sonic power. For now he was an old Time Lord. Not the first and most defiantly not the last. 

River was old as well, long dead now, lost in the Library. But she was Saved. River Song has been Saved. The simple thought of her dead but not dead could almost bring the tiniest of smiles to the Doctors face. The Doctor had stopped smiling long before. After the death of so many he loved and cared for he simply chose not to smile and just sit back with the emptiness in his hearts. Through all the pain and suffering he had endured, he was still fighting. Fighting for a chance at happiness. His planet was back where it belonged, watching over the universes. But it didn't stop him from hurting. He couldn't walk by roses anymore, ponds or rivers either. On the now very rare visits to Earth, he would go far into its future, where the roses had wilted and the ponds & rivers dried up. When the pain could be numbed, even if just for a short time. 

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