The Doctors Death

As the Doctor lays dying his last words shall be written across the universes. Told to every human and every non-human across the stars. To every person or alien the Doctor has ever encountered or impacted. Every life he has saved will announce the words. Those words shall carry on forever...


3. The Words Shall be Told to All

'No regeneration.' He thinks as the TARDIS touches down on the red grass of Gallifrey.

His time is up and he is at the the blue wooden doors.

The doors open to a welcoming breeze that smells of lavender and mint.

His head hits he grass as the first sun peaks over the snow capped mountains.

A smile.

The first real smile is so long. 

He'd almost forgotten how to smile but at that moment, with the first sun rising higher and higher into the early morning sky, the Doctor smiled.

He thought about every companion he had. How he had loved them and lost them. How he had fallen in love with just a few and still lost them. They were all gone now. Lost through time and space. Either dead or just gone. Wiped out in the blink of an eye.

He thought about the things he had faced over the course of a million years. The Daleks, Cybermen, Argolins, Weeping Angels, the Silence, the Groske. And what he had done to them. He had killed so many. 


The first sun was above the mountains, rising higher and higher into the sky as the Doctor felt his body begin to fail. He was losing control had his head hit the red grass. He was staring into an empty orange sky as he began to feel the light of the second sun rising in the south. He breathed deeply as the suns light hit the sky. The southern sun peeked above the snow capped mountains and his now blue eyes closed. 


His mind shattered as every wall he had ever put up broke down like a glass being dropped off a table. Every memory he had slid through is mind as his concinsnce began to waver and fail. The memories he owned where a mixture of good and bad, sad and happy. They were awful and amazing. He felt absolute guilt at all his companions, Susan, Adric, Jamie, Rose, Amy, every person he had ever cared for was gone. He loved them and lost them. But over all the guilt and pain he felt there was some good, the times with Tegan and Romana, with Ace and River. His companions, friends and family had always been the better of him. 


The second sun was higher and the Doctor was fading. He was losing everything. All emotions for he felt nothing. The sun had risen to show the tiniest sliver or orange sky between it and the mountain. And then, only then, did the Doctor breathe his last words as his memories, emotions and everything faded from his body. 


Let these words be shown across time and space, leaving no one without there meaning. For as I lay dying I feel nothing. My memories have long since faded and my emotions have been erased. I want my last to be written in the stars as my body is found by the other Time Lords. 

My dears, I have loved and protected your planets for thousands of years but I fear I shall not be able to anymore. My regenerations have run out and I shall soon perish. My last words will be shown to every living thing, no matter what you are. My friends have heard my goodbyes and now it is time for the universe to say goodbye. I have loved and lived on every planets surface, weather it was in the past or the future. My presences have been removed from every data base in the universe but all memories of me shall be placed inside the head of every species in the universe I have touched in anyway. My final words shall be this, I am sorry. For every little thing I have done. I ran because I couldn’t stay behind. I ran because I didn’t want to be found. And then I fought before I ran. I ran from the war and the destruction I had left in its wake. I ran to save Gallifrey and I ran after I found it. I ran, because I am a coward. I refused to look through my past because I was ashamed of what I had become. For a thousand years I believed I murdered my people. So I ran. And these shall be my last words. I am sorry I ran. I am sorry for everything. I am so sorry for every little thing I have done.


And with those words leaving the Doctors lips, he fell silent. 



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