The Doctors Death

As the Doctor lays dying his last words shall be written across the universes. Told to every human and every non-human across the stars. To every person or alien the Doctor has ever encountered or impacted. Every life he has saved will announce the words. Those words shall carry on forever...


2. The Words Shall be Spoken across the Universes

It was his time.

He knew it was.

The Doctor is dying. 

His words where shouted at the worlds, filled with stars and planets and every little creature out there. They twisted and turned, through all time and space. None did not hear these four words, spoken in the voice of an old man. A man who would not live to see the second sun rise in the south. 

The Doctor is laying his screwdriver down and landing his TARDIS. 

Because it is his time. He is willing to accept the fact that he won't live for much longer.

He has accepted the fact that the first sun will rise but the second will not be seen. 

He is ready to die.

Every life he has ever saved, every human and non human he has ever touched, they are willing to let him go. He has lived for far to long. Thousands upon thousands of years. He has lived longer than millions of gods. And now his time is up.

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