The Doctors Death

As the Doctor lays dying his last words shall be written across the universes. Told to every human and every non-human across the stars. To every person or alien the Doctor has ever encountered or impacted. Every life he has saved will announce the words. Those words shall carry on forever...



Well, lotta pain and heartbreak. If I made you cry go suffer cause I almost cried too. The words the Doctor said are basically 100% editable so if I want to change them at all then I will. This fic started as something very different but when I was going to edit and write the rest of it I chose to change it. I wasn't a huge fan of how it was in the beginning but I love it now. 

I'm also putting a halt on the 4 books I'm currently trying to write while I work on some other stuff. I have a lot of ideas and I really just need to get them down somewhere. 

I still have the fic I began with, if anyone wants me to republish it and finish it then just ask in the comments. Its a kinda cool thing. 

If any of y'all have any questions, ask away. And I love getting comments <3. 

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