5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

Just a bunch of 5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines. I don't take requests sorry. Enjoy! Cover: Pictures found online and put together in paint, (I don't own anything in the cover)


13. Michael imagine: Pizza and Video games date

You and your boyfriend Michael were going on a pizza date, but you have no idea what to wear! you decided on some jeans and a dark blue hoodie. You threw your hair into a high ponytail. You add some mascara and a little lipgloss. You spray some perfume that you love on your hoodie. The outfit looks perfect but it needs something... But what? You look around your room and spot a necklace that Michael got you a few weeks ago. It is a little silver infinity symbol. You put the necklace on and head down the stairs. You greet Michel and he pulls you out to his car. He holds your hand as he drives. You pull up at a pizza place. But its not just any pizza place, its your pizza place. This is the place you and Michael met. You blush and he kisses your cheek.
"Oh look were we are (Y/N)" Michael said when you got out of the car. You haven't been here in a really long time because you have been so busy! You did love the food here though.

When you got into the pizza place Michael took you to a table. He ordered you your favorite: (Insert your fave kind of pizza here, cheese, Hawaiian, peperoni ect.) you held his hand and waited for the pizza.

~A few minutes later after eating~
The food was awesome and Michael was adorable. He kissed your cheek as you pulled into the driveway of his house.
"Michael what are we doing here?" you asked

"its a surprise." He said covering your eyes and walking you into the house. When he finally pulled his hands away from your eyes you seen A bunch of pillows and Blankets along with a stack of video games and your favorite kind of chips. You threw your arms around him and kissed him. When you pulled away he chuckled.

"I didn't think you would get this excited over video games and food." He said putting his arms around you. You sat in between his legs (Not in a dirty way.) He started playing with your hair and you turned on the video games. He won of course but you love the thought he put into this date.

~♥Irwin's giggle♥       (~catz2345)

Author's note:
Sorry I haven't updated in like forever. I have been busy with a bunch of other 5SOS books. Next imagine will be soon :) thanks for reading. :)

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