5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

Just a bunch of 5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines. I don't take requests sorry. Enjoy! Cover: Pictures found online and put together in paint, (I don't own anything in the cover)


16. Luke imagine: Go carting

You and your best friend Luke decided to plan a fun day out, go carting. Last time you go carted was when you were quite small so you were a little uneasy when Luke suggested it, but you decided it would be fun to go again. You just finished applying a little bit of lip gloss when you got a text from Luke.

"Waiting outside, cant wait to see ya!"-Luke

You quickly throw on some sneakers and run down the stairs, you open the door and quickly walk to Luke's car.

"Hey (Y/N)" He said smiling

"Hey Luke!" You exclaimed when he started to drive

"Wow (Y/N) Why are you all makeup up to go, go carting?" He stated

"I just put on a little lip gloss" you said blushing

You tried to hide the fact that you were blushing from Luke, by having your hair in your face. Luke did a cute side smirk and you looked out the window, still trying to hide your blush.

After a few minutes Luke pulled up to the place and you both got out of the car.

You put your helmet on and Luke did too. You slowly walked up to the go cart and Luke followed behind you. The man at the desk gave you the ok to get into your cart and you and Luke both got in to carts side by side. He had a red cart and you had a blue one.

"Ok, 1.2.3 GO!" The man said and you and Luke took off. He was beating you at first but you won because he let you win. When you two finished up you two were walking along a small trail nearby the go carting place when Luke stopped.

"Luke are you ok?" You asked him

"Yeah, its just I have to tell you......." He trailed

"What do you want to tell m-" You started but Luke kissed you and cut you off. Your lips moved in sync then when he pulled away he smiled a cheeky smile and said:
"I have been wanting to do that a long time, (Y/N) Will you be my girlfriend?"

You blushed, smiled and said:

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