5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

Just a bunch of 5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines. I don't take requests sorry. Enjoy! Cover: Pictures found online and put together in paint, (I don't own anything in the cover)


6. All: Your first kiss


He pulls you into a hug and leans in. he places a rough kiss on your lips. his lips taste like ginger and you can smell his aftershave.


He nervously plays with one of his bracelets and then he leans in and places a soft kiss on your lips. it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. his lips taste like sugar for some reason. but you love the feel of them pressed to yours.


He confidently kisses you and you two move in sync. his lips taste like mint and you love the smell and taste of mint.


He bites his lip nervously and you just kiss him, He pulls you into a hug while you kiss. you notice his lips taste like marshmallow for some reason.


Author's note:
sorry its so small and kind of sucks, first one writing for all. bear with me lol

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