5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

Just a bunch of 5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines. I don't take requests sorry. Enjoy! Cover: Pictures found online and put together in paint, (I don't own anything in the cover)


11. All: Telling him your Pregnant


You slowly sit next to him on the small couch, you nervously twirl your hair. How can you tell him? there has been this kind of tension between you guys since you found out two weeks ago. You just don't want to ruin your relationship and tell him. 
"Ashton, Im Pregnant." You just blurt out. He smiles the biggest smile ever exposing his adorable dimples.

"(Y/N) how long have you known?" he asked excitedly.

"Two weeks." You say and he embraces you in a big hug. He kisses you and then whispers in your ear:

"I love you (Y/N)"


You just did a Pregnancy test and its a positive. You quickly text your boyfriend Calum, telling him he needs to come over as soon as possiable. Your sitting on the bathroom floor staring at the test in shock when there is a knock on the door.

"Come in Cal, im in the bathroom!" You shouted and then about a minute later Calum popped his head through. A look of concern showed on his face.

"(Y/N) Are you Pregnant?" He asked sitting beside you. You nod and he hugs you.

"Is it mine?" he asked

"Well no, its my cat's. Just kidding, of course it is Cal." You say laughing.

"Good, because we will have the cutest lil baby ever!" He said kissing you.


you and your boyfriend Michael and you were having a sleep over at his house, when you decided to take a pregnancy test. As soon as it was ready you called him in. You want to be surprised. he looked at it then wrapped his arms around you.

"Im going to be a dad, and your going to be a mom." He whispered in your ear. You turn around and kissed him. he took a picture of you and him and tweeted it captioned: "2+1=?" The fans were puzzled but started getting it. they loved your relationship.


You played with the bracelet your boyfriend Luke gave you. Your hiding a secret, a BIG secret. Your pregnant. Luke looks over at you with worry.

"(Y/N) is something wrong?" He asks and you nod.

"Luke, I don't know how to tell you this but im pregnant." You said. He smiled.

"(Y/N) Are you joking or are you serious, because I really want a kid and if you kidding..." He started but you cut him off by kissing him.

"Im not kidding." You whisper in his ear. He grins and kisses you.

"Then what are we waiting for? lets go pick out baby stuff!" He exclaimed grabbing your hand and walking out the door.


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