5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

Just a bunch of 5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines. I don't take requests sorry. Enjoy! Cover: Pictures found online and put together in paint, (I don't own anything in the cover)


7. All: Popcorn fight


You and your best friend Calum, were going to have a movie party for your birthday. Just the two of you and a couple of movies. You just finished getting into your favorite pjs when the door bell rang. You run down the stairs and to the door. You fling it open to see Calum in a footie Pj. You laugh at his goofiness. ~A few minutes later~ You pause the movie waiting for Calum to come in with the popcorn. When he does you two keep watching your movie until something hits your arm. You look beside you to get a face full of popcorn. You throw some back at Calum. Eventually he wins and you give up. But you swear to yourself, you WILL get him back.


It was a rainy day and Your Boyfriend Ashton was coming over to hang out. You decide that you might as well put on some food. You go for popcorn, Because who doesn't like popcorn right?! When the doorbell rings you rush to open it. Just as you open it to see Ashton, the timer on the microwave goes off. You run to the kitchen and pull out the popcorn. Ashton walks into the kitchen and smiles. You were about to hug him when you get the best idea. You take some popcorn in your hand and throw it at him. He takes some in his abnormally large hands drops it on your head! This goes on for a while until you win. You think Ashton might of let you win though...


Your boyfriend Luke and you are staying at a hotel. Its vacation and you decided to let Luke  sleep in. You go on your laptop and play on twitter with ear buds in and music turned up. You start to smell popcorn and you put your laptop on the chair and walk to the kitchen. you spot Luke in the kitchen eating a HUGE bowl of popcorn. You pout and he throws one at you. You take the bowl out of his hands and put it on his head, making popcorn fly everywhere! He takes the bowl off his head and kisses you.


You and Your Best friend Michael were having a camp party. Just sitting by a camp fire nothing really special. its starting to get dark when You bring out a bag of popcorn you popped before you left. You open it up and see Michael staring into the fire. You throw some at him to get his attention. He smiles and takes the bag, he pours half into a bowl, weird what is he going to do with the rest of the popcorn? Your thoughts were interrupted when half the bag of popcorn were dumped onto your head. HE IS SO GOING DOWN!!!!


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