His unknown baby sister

Hi I'm Nyla Horan.I used to have a mommy and a daddy and a Big brother.But key word USED;my dad was very abusive towards my mother when I was ages 4-5.one day she couldn't take it,so she took my big brother.I don't remember a lot about them,Not even there names.Right now I live with my abusive and drunk dad.I'm 15.But soon even I have had enough and I set out to find my big brother.Onlyto figure out its harder then it looks.


5. chapter 5

Nyla's POV

After that I just fell asleep.

I woke up to Gemma shaking my shoulder.

"it's time to get up sleepy head!"

I chuckled and got up.I followed her off the plane and she said.

"Wanna come meet my brother?"

"Sure if it isn't to much"

"Ya!"we walked and walked until we came to the back of the airport where a baby a girl and 4boys with bodyguards around them sitting at a table.

"GEMMA!!!"a curly haired boy yelled.


They ran to each other and hugged while I stood awkwardly behind her.

"Haz this is my friend Nyla,Nyla this is my baby brother Harry."

"Hello gorgeous"he said walking up to me and lightly grabbing my hand and kissing the top.

"She just got here and your all ready flirting"I heard a Irish accent.

"H-hi"I whispered shyly.

"What was that beautiful?"

That's when I got really nervous.No one called me beautiful before.so I started talking in Gaelic the Irish language.Thats what I do when I'm nervous or scared

"Tá brón orainn I fuaim ideal!! Nach glaoch dom álainn I Nach tuillte sé!!(sorry I sound foolish!!dont call me beautiful I don't deserve it!)"

I quickly clamped a hand over my mouth. I forgot to mention I have anxiety attacks.They looked at me like I was crazy.

"Baelach chun dul Nyla!!(way to go Nyla!!)"I said

"Nach dúirt go!!do an- álainn(don't say that!!youre beautiful) "a blond boy said.

"Tá brón orainn(sorry)"I said to the blonde that was talking to me.

"Nach bheith(don't be)"

"I'm Nyla"I said to him who was now sitting next to me.I hadn't noticed I sat down.I was sat against a wall with every one staring at us.

"Hi I'm Niall."

"Where ya from?it sounds like were the odd ones out of this little gathering of people"

He chuckled and said.

"Mullinger Ireland"

"Really?me to!"

"Ohh cool!!"

"Sorry to but in but what the hell just happened?!"someone with dark hair said.

I looked pleadingly at this Niall because it's to embarrassing.

"We were just talking to each other in Gaelic"

"Oook so we never got introduced"

"Umm ya I'm Nyla H."

"Hello Nyla H. I'm Niall H. That's Zayn M."he pointed to the one with dark hair.

"Liam P."he pointed to the one with batman on

"Harry and Gemma S."he pointed to Gemma and her little brother.

"Louis T."he pointed to a boy that had a cute beanie on.

"Paul"he pointed to a big guy.

"And Lou and Lux T."

"Hi.Sorry Harry about earlier I was nervous"

"It's ok love!so let's get going!where are you headed Nyla?"

"I don't know"

"You know what come with us"Niall smiled at me.

"No I won't intrude"

"I insist"


We all walked to this limo and sat down everyone in a circle.

"Let's play 20 questions!"Louis yelled.

"Ok"everyone agreed.

"Ok Nyla,favorite colour?"


"Favorite food?"


"What kind?"

"I don't know what kind I have"

"Favorite animal?"


"Favorite movie?"


"What do you believe about sex?"

"Not until married"

"Middle name?"



"Mullinger Republic of Ireland"

"Tattoos piercings?"

"Ears pierced 2-16 tattoo'd on me ankle."

"Why 2-16?"

"Umm p-personal reasons"


"2 older broders one back somewhere in Ireland and one somewhere in de world happy to get away from me dad"

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