His unknown baby sister

Hi I'm Nyla Horan.I used to have a mommy and a daddy and a Big brother.But key word USED;my dad was very abusive towards my mother when I was ages 4-5.one day she couldn't take it,so she took my big brother.I don't remember a lot about them,Not even there names.Right now I live with my abusive and drunk dad.I'm 15.But soon even I have had enough and I set out to find my big brother.Onlyto figure out its harder then it looks.


3. chapter 3

Nyla's POV

"Ok one minuet please"

After a few moments she said.

"I'm sorry but this number is blocked from all pay-phones,but I can tell you where I found the number if that's alright?"

I wonder why it's blocked.

"Umm ya sure"

"Ok dear,he is in London at the moment."

"O-ok umm thank you"

"Yep no problem dear."

I hung up the phone and thought.

'If I use most of my money I have the chance to see my big brother,but if I stay here with all the money,my dad could find me'quick choice I'm moving to London baby!ive always wanted to go there.I looked around and I saw a cab and I called it over.

"Umm Dublin republic airport(don't know if it's real) please"

"Yes ma'am"

He then started driving to the airport.Once we got there.I thanked him and gave him money and grabbed my bags.I walked up to the front desk and asked.

"Umm excuse me when is the closest time to the leaving flight to London?"

"45 minuets"she smiled.

"Great May I get a ticket?"

"Yes you may!that will be $155.00"

"Wow that's cheap"I chuckled.

"It's a last minuet we sell'em cheep"she winked.

I paid and thanked her and started walking.I sat down when I saw a poster.


With a picture of a guy with dip dyed blonde hair.I went to Starbucks and ordered a coffee and a cookie and sat down.

"Flight AB176 to London is now boarding"

I got up and walked to the place and they let me on the plane.

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