Can You Keep a Secret?


1. Prologue

I'm Ashley Parkers. I am 19 years old. Nobody knows about my little secret...and I hope it stays that way. I mean it really isn't that bad but I just don't want people to think I'm a freak or feel bad for me. This secret, it taunts me everyday, by giving these flashbacks causing panic attacks. I can't tell anyone this because, well, then they'd have to know what causes them.

Only one person knows, and that's my best friend Lucy Baker. She understands everything. She gets how hard it is for me to keep this secret from people because, I guess you can say that there are so many people that want to know everything about me.


So I kinda got bored of it just happened and I thought of this idea instead. So I deleted it. I hope you guys don't mind:). So....



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