Reveiws by Mwah.

You post me a link or tell me the name of one of your movellas and I'll give you my honest opinion about. Simple.


3. Wildheart by Iris the realist


                                                 Wild Heart by Iris the realist


So, this book reminded me of a civil war/zombie apocalypse story. I love your characters and how you capture them, there are a few wording issues but they are easily over looked. The chapters are short but they are super short, they contain enough action that it makes up for it. Your character's past and relationships are amazing and you are definitely a skilled writer. The wording makes me think of an older time setting and I think it does the same for others. All in all, I really enjoy the book. I love Celeste and Ian's relationship and having a girl as the main character really shows people that girls aren't just there to be pretty, she can take care of herself and still battle, even when she's blind. I was wrapped in the book as soon as I read the first chapter.


Score out of ten: 9


What might need some fixing is a couple wording issues and some grammatical problems. Some more detail might be welcome but the amount you have now is good. :)

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