Reveiws by Mwah.

You post me a link or tell me the name of one of your movellas and I'll give you my honest opinion about. Simple.


2. LIMELIGHT by Emma Bird


                                                    LIMELIGHT, by Emma Bird


Okay, reading this I truly felt like I was reading an actual Harry Potter book. Your writing is amazing and you capture the characters so well. You gave us plenty of detail and awesome sceneries. I felt like I was right there with them, another house-less student. The way you wrote brings the readers into the world of Harry Potter and it's amazing. The house-less student idea is quite unique and I've never heard of it used before. You made the whole house-less student an amazing backstory for the trio, I'm completely glad I read it.


Score out of ten: 9 3/4


The only things I would fix, there are a couple wording mistakes that made it a little weird to read that part but it was easily over-looked and not a big deal. You have a very good choice of words to describe everything.


This is definitely one of the better Harry Potter FanFics on the site guys, go check it out!

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