The iPad Contest

My name is Kate Sanchez. I have a brother named Alejandro and a sister named Kelly. My sister has cancer. I win her an iPad one day. Will it changer everything? Yes it will...


2. Flashback

~July 23, 2010~

I was in my room when my sister started screaming. It was around 8:30. I ran into her room. I saw her smiling like an idiot. I looked at her and I saw her watching something. I turn my head to see what she's watching and I see a group of five guys, that look my age, jumping around like idiots. It was the X-Factor UK. I would know. I used to watch that show all the time but not anymore. Ever since I got into high school I've been so busy. Not really but now I have soccer practice so it's hard work to keep up with my shows. I figured out how to do algebra before I got to that school though so I'm ahead of the class.

"What's so great about them?" I ask as Kelly's head snaps my way. I knew I would regret it.

“What's so great about them?” she snapped. “They saved Estella's life! That's why they're great!”

“What're you talking about?” I ask. Her face drops.

“You didn't hear?” she whispered to me. I shake my head.

“She tried committing suicide,” she says. I start getting teary. Estella is our best friend. She's 16. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

“She didn't. She wouldn't,” I say to myself.

“She started watching One Direction and then she felt beautiful. She loves them and they saved her life so ever since then I've been a Directioner with her,” she says. I had no idea. I hug my sister tightly. I hope she doesn't try anything because she makes me happy. She's had cancer since she was 10. Ever since then I've been fangirling with both of them, and the rest of our 'family'.



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