The Friend Groups


2. Chapter Two

Harry was waiting buy his car. I ran down there and got in. He ran around and got in as well. As I slipped my shoes on, Harry lit a cigarette.

"Veronica texted my again last night. She wanted to hangout tonight but I told her no. I told her I was staying with you tonight. Is that cool?" he said.

"Yeah that's fine, if you give me a cig before we get to school." I said. He lit one up and handed it to me. He alway took me in his black Range Rover. The rest of the way was silent. We didn't talk much on the way to school ever, only when Veronica was being a bitch and fighting with him.

When we got to school, we walked to my favourite teacher, Mr. Malik. He is so smart. He's my teacher advisor. I only get to see him when I get in trouble or when I need help on homework. He's also my history teacher. I get at least 45 minutes with him everyday. Did I mention he's the hottest guy in our school and he's a freaking teacher?

When we get Malik's room, I walk in and see there is stuff all over the board. I go up to talk to him and he tells me to start talking notes so I'm the first one done.

"We're having a student teacher come in for the rest of the year. His name is Liam Payne." He says as he walks around making sure all of his books we're where they go. "You better behave yourself today. I herd you got caught smoking on school grounds."

"Yes, that happened but that's in the past right?"

"You do realize I am a History teacher right?"

"Right.. The bell is about to ring. Bye Harry." I kissed Harry on the cheek as always. Harry says goodbye and goes to his class. This and second period are the only classes I don't have with Harry.

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