The Friend Groups


1. Chapter One

So my name is Lacey. If we are going to become friends, I should tell you a little bit about my self. I am 15, I hate school, I hate my aunt, my parents died in a car-crash, I'm a loser at school, I only have one friend and his name is Harry, and this is the story of how I got my family started.

I walked down stairs and saw my aunt watching the telly and yelling because Joey didn't want to live with Molly anymore. She is so annoying and thinks the world evolves around her. She grew up on the rich part of town, while I grew up in the smaller, poor side.

I walk into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and my cereal and poured myself a bowl. I then walk back up to my room and eat at my desk. My phone beeped. It startled me a little but I'm all good. Harry texted me and told me to hurry up. I ate a few more bites and slipped on my clothes, ran down stairs into the kitchen and put my bowl in the sink. As I ran out, I grabbed my converse and my black bag.

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