Fallen Tears

20 year old Maya has been living in London for two years to run away from her sad and painful past. Will Niall be able to wipe away her Fallen Tears or will he cause more to fall?


6. Who's my Babysitter? 6

Maya's POV


My head was killing me beyond belief. What happen after Sarah told Niall that I loved him? That reminds me I have to kill Sarah later. I didn't want him to know. I couldn't think about that because all I could think about was the pain that was pulsing throughout my head. I slowly opened my eyes and the room was dark. Was the cafe always this dark? I could hear a low steady beep. I knew that sound. I was in the hospital, I thought to myself... Wait I was in the hospital?!? I started to panic and my heart monitor was beeping faster and faster. I heard a screech of a chair and a worried voice say-

"Maya it's me! It's me Sarah! Calm down! You're not in Florida! Your in London! Nick will never ever get to you again! Just please calm down!" She yelled. When I heard her voice I immediately began to calm down. I always felt better near my friends. I was clamming down but not enough to stop the nurses from coming in. I looked at Sarah, she looked tired and worn out. Her chocolate brown hair was put into a messy bun and she had harsh purple bags. I wonder how long she had been here. Then I heard a new voice-

"Maya calm down already. That piece of shit isn't here and he's not going to hurt you, so calm down." She said calmly. Ha-ha only one person could talk to me with such a calm voice and cheer me up. It was non other then my other besti Mady Rider.

Sarah's POV

It had been three days since Maya had fainted and checked into the hospital. I had been with her most of the time. I left a few time so I could shower and sleep. I was to worried to sleep so I mainly stayed by her side. Niall comes by everyday to check on her after recording at the studio. He seemed to act differently when he was in the room and out in public. He told me that the lads will be stopping by today to see Maya. I was excited to see Zayn. He's so handsome, it just took my breath away. I guess it took my energy because I was starting to fall asleep in the chair I was sitting in. I had finally given up to my heavy eyes lids only to have them snap open when Maya's heart monitor began to beep more rapidly. I knew she hated then hospital so I ran to her said and yelled-

"Maya it's me! It's me Sarah! Calm down! You're not in Florida! Your in London! Mike will never ever get to you again! Just please calm down!" The worry in my voice was sliding off my lips and tongue. She began to calm down but not enough. The nurses can rushing in along with Mady. She had been the one watching over Maya while I wasn't. She looked scared but still calmly said-

"Maya calm down already. That piece of shit isn't here and he's not going to hurt you so calm down." I laughed and apparently so did Maya because a wheeze like laugh came from her lips. Her eyes slowly opened, her eyes scanned the room for us. When she found us she smiled. I sighed only then realizing I was holding my breath.

Niall's POV

Rehearsals had just finished and I was eager to get to the hospital and see how Maya was doing. I had seen her everyday since the accident. The lads had somehow convinced me to go home, rest and go to rehearsals. I had talked to Maya's boss and he understand what happened. I told him that I caused the accident and he looked like he wanted to strangle me. Mike was a really big guy, about 6'5" and really big muscles. Compared to him I looked like a toothpick. Once I told him I would take care of Maya and pay or her medical bills he seemed to calm down a little bit but the hate in his eyes was still fully visible. I tried to stay out of his way when I could. I was excited to leave but the lads were taking so long to get ready. I kept yelling at the to hurry up and they would only laugh and Louis would say-

"Mate she's not going anywhere calm down."

"Clam down? Clam down! How can I calm down Lou? I put her in the hospital. She'll never forgive me!" I hollered back. I instantly regretted it.

"Louis I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap. I'm just really worried about her." I explained.

"No it's my fault, I shouldn't have know how much you love her. I'm sorry." He replied. The rest of the lads were looking at us in silence. I couldn't take the silence anymore so I walked up to Louis hugged him and said-

"It's my fault, I didn't mean to snap. I'm just really worried about her." I let the fact the he said I love her slide. I took and step back and put my hand on his shoulders. He smiled at me and said-

"Don't worry Niall, I forgive you. OK lads, we new to hurry up. Our little Niall is love sick and needs to see his Maya!" He yelled. I was blushing a thousand shades of red and the lads just laughed and 10 minutes later we were all on our way to the hospital.

Maya's POV

It had been a few hours since my little break down. Sarah and Mady had stated with me the while time. They had informed me that Niall and the guys were coming over to see me. I was really surprised. I wasn't expect to see Niall after what happened. I didn't want him to see me in such a bad state. My long blonde hair was greasy and tangled, I was hooked up to so many machines it was scary even to me. I had been hooked up to machines before but not this many. I then realized that the hospital bill was going to be over the moon. Apparently the doctors had scanned my head a bunch if times to make sure I was really OK.

"Guys what am I going to do? This bill will be on my shoulders for the rest of my life." I complained a frown painted on my face.

"Don't worry Maya your guardian angels paying for it." Sarah said.

"Guardian angel? Who the hell is my guardian angel?" As soon said those words Niall and the guys walked in. I immediately knew who was paying for my bill. My heart began to race when I realized that I know owed him, and a lot at that. My breathing started to speed up and I got really scared. Mady and Sarah were the first ones at my side. They kept saying soothing words, like it's going to be fine, or nobody's going to hurt you ever again. I could see Niall and the guys from he corner of my eye. They all looked so worried, it was funny. I started to chuckle lightly then it came out to a loud booming laugh. Everybody was looking at me like I was crazy. The truth was I did think I was crazy. I was always in the hospital making the people I love worry about me. My laugh soon turned in to tears. I was such a nuisance to everybody.

"Maya are you OK?" Liam asked in a very concerned voice.

"Yeah are you OK? I mean really?" This time it was Zayn. They all looked so scared, but the truth was I was ten times more scared then them. I was the one in the hospital, not them, I was the one who smashed her head on the counter, not them, I was the one who was deeply and madly in love with Niall Horan...Not them.

"I'm fine, just scared, really scared." I finally admitted.

"Why are you scared? Like your friends said nobody is going to hurt you." Niall said. God he was so cute, anyone could love him. Why did it have to be me? Why couldn't I love someone who wouldn't love me back?

"I'm not scared about that. I'm scared that everyone will leave me because I'm such a nuisance. I caused all of you so much trouble. I just don't want to be alone. I don't know what I would do if I was all alone."

"Maya you will never ever be alone. You will always have someone who loves you near. Like Sarah and Mady, even the lads. Especially Niall, I mean for Christ sake this guys is head over heels for you." Louis exclaimed with a wicked smile on his lips. Niall's face was turning red, but he didn't say he didn't love me. Does Niall really love me? My face was starting to turn red now. The others noticed and started to laugh. Then the doctor came in. They all stopped laughing and be came silent, trying to hide the laughs that were escaping from their lips.

"Maya I'm glad to say that there appears to be nothing wrong with you. The only injury you received was the cut on your head. Sadly it will leave a scar. You will be able to go home with in the next few hours. Your friends here can help you get ready." He said.

"This is only my personal opinion but I do recommend having someone stay with you for a few days just to make sure you recover and adjust." He added and then left the room. I was going home, I was so excited, I wanted to get away from this place a quickly as possible.

"Ok so which one of you girls wants to watch over my dumb ass for the next few days?" I asked.

"I think Niall wouldn't mind taking care of you." Mady said.

"Yeah, he told me he feels responsible, so he should make it up to you, not that any of us blame him for what happened." Sarah added. My face was turning red all over again. Before Niall could say anything Louis exclaimed-

"Well Niall doesn't reject and Maya seems fine with it. So it looks like Niall's going to be Maya's babysitter for a few days!" With that everyone expect for me and Niall began to laugh again. This was going to be a tough and tiring next few days.



A/N: Hey guys how are you liking my story so far? I'll try to update sometime this week. It's not writer block I'm just lazy...really, really lazy. Before I go, go wish Newwmbs98503 a happy birthday. It's on Friday March 28 and go read her Movella. It's really really cool!



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