Fallen Tears

20 year old Maya has been living in London for two years to run away from her sad and painful past. Will Niall be able to wipe away her Fallen Tears or will he cause more to fall?


1. When It Happened 1

Maya's POV


The cold winter wind had just died down and the snow had stopped falling. But why haven't my tears stopped. I mean 3 years had passes since I left him, but why hasn't the pain stopped like the snow. Hi my name is Maya and I'm going to tell you how one person fixed my shattered heart.


Present Day (Winter December 17)

Maya's POV

Class had just finished and I was heading to my car to go home to my empty apartment. This was just like any other day. Just me and me alone. Trust me I hate begin alone but ever since I moved to London, being alone was all I ever wanted to be.

As I reached my car I heard screaming coming from behind me. I had a feeling some celebrity had just been spotted. I just laughed and got in my car. When I had my seat belt on I plugged my I Phone into the car stereo and went to my favorite playlist. That playlist just happened to be my One Direction playlist. I know it sound cheesy but they have been my favorite band since I was sixteen my best friend Sarah had gotten me hooked and I'm glad she did. I clicked on the shuffle button and Little Things had came on. Nice a sad song for a sad excuse of a person like me. I put my keys into the ignition when I heard banging on m passenger side window I looked over to see non other then Niall Horan. Thee Niall Horan, my favorite member of the band. I rolled down the window and tried my best to play it cool.

"Can, can I help you?" I asked

"Yeah, I know this sound weird but I need to get in your car will you open the door? Please?" He asked with worry painted on his face.

"Sure. No problem." I said questionably. Why would he need to get into my car? I mean where are his body guards and shit? I mean isn't he a fucking celebrity? All these question were floating in my mind and before I even realized it he had opened the door and got in.

" I'm Niall by the way. I like your taste in music." He said.

I looked at him confused only to realize that Little Things was still playing. I quickly turned it off and started my car.

" Thanks , where do you need me to take you?" I asked. I mean why else would he be in my car if he didn't need a get away.

"Would you mind if I asked you drive around until the fans have lost the car? I know it's a strange request but I don't need them knowing where I live" he said.

"Sure why not, I mean it's not like I was planning on going home and trying to finish my already late project that's worth 70% of my grade." I said as I pulled out if my spot. I quickly turned my head I see his expression and it was priceless. He looked so crushed, I bursted to laughter.

"I'm totally kidding, I'm a good student I finish all my work early, but I only have 1 1/2 to fool around because I have to go to work. The work part isn't a joke."

" Damn it I thought you were serious I felt so bad putting you through this!" He laughed. I just kept laughing until -



"Maya that's my name. You told me yours and I'm telling you mine." I stated

"Well Maya you have a very pretty name."

"Why thank you good sir."

After about 40 minutes of drive the fans were finally out of sight and unable to find the car. I asked Niall to check what time it was because I needed to know how much time I had before I had to get to work. He picked up my phone and checked the time, but before he did he exclaimed.

"Hey you like giraffes to?"

"Yes I love them, they are my favorite animal."

"Mine to, I think we just might get along." He laughed.

"I doubt that."

"Now why do you say that?"

"Well I mean after I drop you off at where ever you need to be I probably will never see you again so I doubt that we will even get to know each other very well."

As I said this Niall had pulled out his phone and was was putting my number into his. He did the same with mine but put his number in instead.

"What the hell did you just do?" I asked more confused than mad.

"Now that I have your number and you have mine we can talk all the time, even when I'm on tour with the lads." He said with a smirk on his face. God he looked so handsome.

"Yeah but why would you even want to text a boring person like me?"

"You, love, are not boring. You are spontaneous, you opened your door to a complete stranger and acted totally cool about it even thought most fans would have starring screaming. That reminds me, why didn't you scream when I knocked on the glass?"

"Why would I scream? Your a person right? I wouldn't scream when I saw my teacher on the street, I mean yes your famous but that doesn't change the fact your a person. Right?"

He just looked at me in shock. I guess he thought what I just said was stupid.

"Wow, nobody has ever said that to me before, they usually act crazy and say that I'm a star and above other people. Your different, but a good kind of different. I like that." He said

I just blushed and kept driving.

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