Fallen Tears

20 year old Maya has been living in London for two years to run away from her sad and painful past. Will Niall be able to wipe away her Fallen Tears or will he cause more to fall?


9. Rumors 9

Niall's POV


I loved looking into her eyes. It reminded me of home. I watched as she turned around to lock the door to her flat. She looked so cute in her hat and scarf, like a doll that you never wanted to get rid of. She turned around and looked up at me.

"Come on lover boy, I'm starving lets get some food." She said while walking down the hall to the staris.

"Sorry, I was just enjoying the scenery in front of me. Didn't mean to hold you up." I said back with a sly grin on my face. She turned around and looked at me striaght in the eyes. It looked like she was going to say somthing, but just shut her mouth and walked down the starirs. What was she going to say? I jogged to catch up with her.

"Hey what were you going to say? You can't just look at me, look like you going to say l then not. It's not fair." I said while pouting like a three year old.

"I thought that you would get tired of me saying thanks you and that you make me feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the hole freaking world, so I didn't say anything. Sorry." She explained. I just looked at her and smiled. I walked up to her and pulled her into a hug. I loved this girl so much it wasn't even funny. It's like she was an angel that fell to the wrong place on earth ,but then found her way to me.

"I will never get tired of hearing you say that so don't be afraid to say whatever you want, Ok? I love you and I want you to be yourself around me and don't be afraid to say what's on you mind." I said while still hugging the life out of her. I could feel her trembling in my arms so I pulled her face up so I could see it. She was crying. Did I say something wrong to her? God I'm the biggest idiot in the world.

"Thank you so much Niall, you don't know how long I've been waiting for someone to say that to me. I've been so afraid for so long I don't think I remember how to be myself anymore, but if you stay with me maybe you can help me remember?" I nodded my head and kissed her. I grabbed her hand and we walked down stair together. Once at the car I opened the door for like a gentleman and I took the drivers seat. I wanted her to feel like a princess today. We drove to the cafe she works and she got us some croissants and coffee. We ate while I drove to the studio. We talked and got even more acquainted. As it turns out most of the vases, plates, and cups had been made by Maya herself. She took a pottery class in high school. When she moved here she asked her dad to mail all of the things she made to her house. She was very talented. She even offered to make me one if she found a clay studio.

Once at the studio, I parked her car in the back so nobody could find out what her car looked like. I once again acted like a gentleman and opened the door for her. As we walked in I grabbed her hand and looked for her approval. She just smiled and squeezed my hand. I smiled at this only to frown when I heard a snap of a camera. Then I heard four different snickers and I saw Harry with his phone out taking pictures of Maya and I. The others weren't even trying to stop it, they were just laughing and trying to get Harry to take more.

"Jesus guys I thought you were the paparazzi!" I yelled at the four idiots. Maya was standing behind me like she was a scare cat. She must not be very used to crowds of people. They were only the six of us but se doesn't know them well so she MIT be a little scared. I hugged her and turned to face the guys. I gave them a stern look and their happiness died.

"Delete the picture Harry." I demanded. "I don't want this picture to be leaked."

"It's to late Niall, I kinda..." The rest if his sentence was to quiet to hear.

"What, I can't hear you."

"I posted..." It was still to quite.

"What!" I yelled. I was getting pissed that he was leaving out the most important part.

"I posted it on Twitter, alright!" He yelled back. I just started at him. He didn't, he wouldn't... would he?

"What! Why would you do that! I don't want the attention! I can barley take being near you guys, no offense Niall but I'm to scared to even hold Niall hand first!" Maya yelled. Her face was bright red and she was starting to sway back and fourth. Was she going to pass out again? I didn't have time to ask because she started to fall like she did back in the cafe but this time I was close enough to catch her.

"Maya!!" All the guys yelled at the same time.

"Damn it, not again." I said.

"Do we need to get her to a hospital?" Asked Liam, the "daddy" in him was showing.

"Not right now, let's just let her rest and I'll take her after rehearsals, and I'll have a talk with you Mr. Styles." Harry gulped and looked towards he ground. I picked Maya up bridal style and brought her into the studio. I laid her down on the couch in the recording room. I put my phone next to her for safe keeping only to have it buzz like crazy. I looked at the screen and it was full of twitter messages. I guess the fans had read Harry's twitter. I unlocked my phone and read some if them. Some were asking who she was, others were saying she was my girlfriend, but a majority were being cruel and calling her a bitch and a slut and that she was only with me for my money. This infuriated me, and I had to do something about it. I know that Maya didn't want to post it online until someone asked but I had to put an end to all the hate she was getting. I didn't want her to keep passing out all the time, because I had a feel she would do that a lot if she was in a crowd of people she wasn't friends with. I started a post but I had to think about it very carefully. I said-

"The girl you see me with in the pic is my gf. We just started going out, be nice to her. She is with me for me not my money." I read this over and over before posting it. I knew that the paparazzi were going to be all over this. I turned my phone on airplane mode and went into the recording booth. I glared at Harry but quickly put it aside. He didn't know that we didn't want people to know. I should have told them something, I mean we were practically brothers. I was still mad at him for posting it but I had to get over it. Maya was more important to me and I didn't want to lose her.

While we were recording Maya had woken up. At first she looked scared and confused but then looked happy when she saw me. I smiled and waved at her. She sat there for the next half hour just listening to us record the album. We had to stop after half an hour because my stomach kept growling and you could hear it on the recording. The DJ stopped the track and told us to go take a break. I was the first one out, I ran up to Maya and kissed her cheek. The guys were wooing in the back. I quickly tired to glare at them, but Maya was already looking at them. I laughed and we waked to the cafeteria. Maya and I got big lunches because we both ate a lot. She was a slim girl but she ate just as much as I did. Loving this girl was becoming to hard for me to contain. I looked her straight in the eyes and said-

"Dear god Maya you don't know how much I love you right now."

"I love you to Niall."

"No I mean that it's hard to contain my love. I want to spend every moment with you but I don't want to scare you."

"Niall you're to cute to scare me and I know that you'll never hurt me." She smile at me and continued to eat her lunch. I had to make this girl mine forever I thought to me self. I smiled back at her and we ate out lunch together, not giving a crap of who saw us or what they thought.

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